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Tuesday, June 2

Let Me Show You How It's Done

On our recent trip we spent a loooong time at the West Edmonton Mall (WEM). It was pretty awesome. We were there almost all day. Naturally Lucy wanted to eat on several occasions. And me, being the awesome parent that I am, did not starve my baby. I usually just find the nearest comfy spot to sit and nurse Lucy wherever that happens to be. And, when you're in a place as huge as the WEM and you have a hungry baby you don't really have time to track down and walk to whatever nursing area might be available. But, seeing as the WEM is so awesome I didn't want to leave without checking out their "Mother's Room." So, we went looking for it in anticipation of a feed. We found one (I think there were two total) tucked in a hallway off the main path. It was listed on our map, and there were signs. So it was pretty easy to find. Then (in case we really needed help finding it) there was this big mural on the wall:

I (being the highly critical art fan that I am) thought it was kind of an ugly mural, poorly done. But I give it an A for effort. And I was excited to see it. If this was how much attention they gave to the mere sign pointing the way to the Mother's Room I couldn't imagine what the room itself was going to be like. Grand...it had to be. Everything about the WEM was big and showy. And it was amazing! Amazingly BAD!

It was nothing more than a glorified bathroom, and a dirty one at that. That bench was the only seating available (except for the toilets). I'm sorry {no I'm not} but I am not feeding my baby in a public bathroom. They smell nasty. They're uncomfortable. I would never eat my lunch in one. And frankly, I find the idea insulting.

WEM: Let me show you how it's done. Behold, the Calgary Ikea nursing room:

Let's see what we've got here. We've got a changing table (with complimentary diapers). We've got a very comfy chair for mums and an extra chair for dads. We've got a cozy rug and drapes to make the room feel more homey. We've got a lamp for mums and babes who need dim lighting to relax.

We've got good art (Klimt). We've got color on the walls (instead of blah bathroom tiles).

We've got a play area for older siblings. We've got volume control for the in-store music.

We've got a staff that checks and cleans the room about every hour through the day.

And we've got happy moms and babies.

Maybe the WEM should have spent a little less effort on the mural and a little more on the actual room.

What is the nicest, or nastiest nursing area you've ever seen?

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2 Stubborn Stains:

Mama Notes said...

wow, I can't believe that! AFter seeing all those pictures of the mall that you posted, I would have thought the nursing room would have been just as spectacular! How pathetic. You should write them a letter.. :)

CrystalHW said...

I have to say that the WEM could also take a lesson from the mothers lounge in Chinook Mall located in Calgary. There was a toy area for kisd, 2 comphy chairs to nurse in, 2 change table areas with a nice counter space in between, a microwave, seperate bathroom inside the mothers lounge, and adult seating in the kids area as well.

Or even Park Place mall in Lethbridge has a nice bench to sit on, 2 change pads on the counter, and toddler toilets in the bathroom area of the Family Bathroom just off the food court.

I have to say that I am shocked the Provincial building did not have a public bathroom! Congrads on finally obtaining your PR!!

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