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Friday, April 25

Pomp & Circumstance

(Just FYI Pomp & Circumstance was not actually played at Adam's graduation today...quite frankly I think my HS graduation was fancier/more dignified. Oh well. I guess if we wanted dignified we should have gone to the big devotional yesterday.)

Here's the promised pictures!Adam in the Harrold B. Lee Libary for the last time!
Adam outside the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) where his college is housed.
The two of us outside the HFAC.
Me being a fraud...Adam's idea.
Our new BYU magnet for the car.


Adam's graduation ceremony begins in less than an hour! I'll post pictures later! I'm so proud/excited/relieved!

Here's The Dish On Our New Digs...

Well we finally put down a deposit on an apartment. It wasn't our first, or second choice but the first two land lords jerked us around and this guy didn't. The first one kept us waiting and waiting for pictures which she never sent only to tell us she wouldn't rent to us because we're out of town. The second one double checked with the current tenant to see how early we could move in only to find out she's not sure if she's even moving. So we went with this one. It's not bad or anything. We just wanted one for slightly less, and one with carpet. Oh well, you can't always get what you want. And if we hate it and find something better in 6 months our contract will be up and we can move. So we plan to leave early, early, early on Wednesday (basically Tuesday night), drive all day, stay in a hotel Wednesday night and move in on the 1st.

Our new address will be:

301 6 ST SE

I don't think we have an apartment number but I will have to double check that. So don't write it in your address book just yet.

It has 2 bedrooms, shared W/D, A/C. It's the main floor of a house. And our cats are welcome (with a deposit).

See us on Google Maps.

Tuesday, April 22

New Beginnings

Well, things are finally falling into place. Adam got a job today with a construction company in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Because of his experience he's getting $16 and hour starting with time and a half for hours worked over 44 each week. He'll also be getting paid for driving time to get to the construction sites. And there is definite potential to move up and become a team leader (which could net him $24 an hour). And of all the random coincidences...the owner of the business who offered him the job is a member of the Church! Adam will be working long days...but that means he'll be getting 6 or more hours of overtime a week! And if he decides to take and classes to get carpentry certification the company will pay half the cost!

Now we just have to find an apartment. We've made a bunch of inquiries today. The most expensive apartment we've "looked" at is $800 a month (which includes utilities). And even if I can't find a job (highly unlikely by the way) we can actually afford that on Adam's income alone. But I'm hoping the 600-something and 700-something apartments will suit our needs (all of these are two bedrooms). It's a little nerve wracking picking a place we can't look at first but if worse comes to worse we can always move when our lease is up. Medicine Hat seems like a really nice town and I'm looking forward to this move immensely.

Paperwork is going to cost us a fortune ($1040 to get a permanent resident card) but it looks like everything should work out just fine. Apparently I can get Alberta health insurance before I even get a worker's permit or the permanent resident card! Things are looking quite nice right now. God's really taking care of us lately.

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