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Wednesday, July 30

Lovey's First Pictures

Here they are! The very first pictures of our little Lovey! They may not fetch a price on the tabloid market but they're priceless to us!

We Are Having A...


Our little baby is healthy and wiggly. We got to see her little hands, feet, beating heart, and beautiful face!!! I'll post pictures from the ultrasound as soon as we get them scanned!

So...for those of you who voted in the poll, were you one of the 10 who were right or one of the 5 who were wrong? And don't forget to check out the new poll!
Friday, July 25


Last Friday Adam and I saw The Dark Knight. Usually we wait until movies come to the dollar theater or DVD to see them...but there is no dollar theater in Medicine Hat and there was no way we were waiting to see Batman anyway! It was much darker than the first one, but also better! The Joker has to be the scariest/best/most disturbing/awesome villain I've ever seen in a movie. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested in Batman. But I should also warn you that it is quite intense. It is PG-13 for a reason and I would insist you not take anyone younger than 13 to see it (too scary, too dark, almost too much for me). I'm keenly interested in what will happen in the next one and sorely disappointed that I have to wait quite a while to find out.
Wednesday, July 23

The Baby is DANCING in There!

Well, today I'm officially 18 weeks pregnant. And, as if to celebrate, Lovey is dancing! And I can feel it! For what feels like the longest time I've had slight little flutters that may or may not have been gas. But this is definitely not gas! S/he is bumping around in there!!! I cannot describe the thrill it gives me to feel this little person wiggling!
Sunday, July 20

As Promised...

Belly pictures! Can't say they're the best pictures of me ever, but they do show my belly. The one with the blue shirt is 16 weeks, the brown shirt is 17 weeks (so not a whole lot of difference between the two).
Thursday, July 17

Longest Week Ever

Monday was one of those days that makes you want to stay in bed the next morning. Along with the house still not being ready for us our old landlord is trying to cheat us out of $200 of our damage deposit (we checked and he has no legal right to do this). We went bowling in the evening to try to relax, have some fun and not think about this landlord (who we have had about a million problems with) and in addition to me being horrible at bowling I pulled a muscle. Then when we left we had a flat tire which Adam couldn't get off (even with help) because one of the nuts was stripped. So we had to walk back to the motel (which was uncomfortable with a pulled muscle) and wait for someone from Church to come and help. The next day we got the tire patched (for free) but then discovered yesterday that the stupid thing has to be replaced anyhow to comply with the Canada import inspection. We're going to be dropping $350 for repairs to satisfy those requirements (and that doesn't include the hundreds of dollars it takes just to get the inspection, import the car, and register it). Of course this is after weeks of trying to work with the government who lost our paperwork, and then wanted something different when they finally got it. Oh, and did I mention out car battery died and had to be replaced? I also managed to pull another muscle last night. The bowling injury healed very quickly but whatever I did last night is still painful. Walking and sitting is not pleasant so I'm stuck lying down or sort of half lying half siting. Yeah, it's been one of those weeks.

The good news is we are now out of the motel! We have lots and lots of unpacking to do (which is hard when walking is painful) and there are still a lot of little things that haven't been finished but the house is livable. Once all our furniture is put together again and we're settled in I'll take some pictures. It's hard to believe this is the same place I posted pictures of a few months ago. It's so nice! And the colors are so happy!

The cats are handling the move pretty well. Girla spends a lot of time hiding in the basement but did spend some time in our bedroom last night. Lily has discovered our high definition big screen TV for cats (a.k.a. the sliding glass doors). She's been laying in front of the back door almost ALL DAY.

We're going to have to get some things for the kitchen (mainly something that can function as storage and extra counter space). The few cabinets we have in the kitchen are really difficult for me to access (because I'm short) and there is just not enough counter space for cooking and baking. Adam will probably build something and we found a used freestanding pantry-thing for a great price. I really want to paint the doors on it with chalkboard paint but Adam isn't convinced that's a good idea.

Our new address is available on my Facebook profile for those who are on my friends list.

We're hoping the internet will be up and running by the end of the day (I'm piggybacking on someone's wireless right now...shame on me). We'll be doing our home phone through VOIPGo (and yes, we'll also use the free Skype for those of you who have that). Since our phone is going to be through our internet service which is still not ready I can't yet tell you what the number is. But it should be all squared away soon and we'll then have unlimited long distance for Canada AND the US.

And in 13 days I will hopefully be able to tell you if this little one is a girl or boy! Either way he/she is growing! Once the cord for our digital camera is unpacked I'll post some new belly pics.
Tuesday, July 8

Drama, Drama, Drama

So...the house is not ready for us to move in. Our landlords are paying for us to stay at the Travel Lodge in the mean time. We've been here a little over a week and while it's nice to have access to an indoor pool I am so ready to get into our home. Especially after the last 36 hours...
There was a storm that knocked the power out twice, then a pipe broke in our bathroom (and they still haven't cleaned up the mess). Plus I'm going just a little stir crazy with nothing to do and nowhere to go. And while the hotel does have wireless internet access the signal doesn't get to our particular building so I have to lug my computer over to the main lobby (which is hot and humid because it's right next to the pool) just to check my mail. But...progress is being made. Adam had to drop some supplies at the house last night so I tagged along to take a look. Almost all the painting is done and the floors are looking close to being finished as well. When we actually move in I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures for all to see.
All this alone time is making me homesick for Ohio AND Utah. My good friend is getting hitched and I really wish I could be there to help out with the planning because the wedding is coming fast! And I miss playing games with my other good friend. Sigh.
And I am SO ready to go to my ultrasound and find out if this little one is a girl or a boy (here's hoping Lovey cooperates when the technician tries to get a look)!!! But I have over half a month to go.
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