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Tuesday, July 8

Drama, Drama, Drama

So...the house is not ready for us to move in. Our landlords are paying for us to stay at the Travel Lodge in the mean time. We've been here a little over a week and while it's nice to have access to an indoor pool I am so ready to get into our home. Especially after the last 36 hours...
There was a storm that knocked the power out twice, then a pipe broke in our bathroom (and they still haven't cleaned up the mess). Plus I'm going just a little stir crazy with nothing to do and nowhere to go. And while the hotel does have wireless internet access the signal doesn't get to our particular building so I have to lug my computer over to the main lobby (which is hot and humid because it's right next to the pool) just to check my mail. But...progress is being made. Adam had to drop some supplies at the house last night so I tagged along to take a look. Almost all the painting is done and the floors are looking close to being finished as well. When we actually move in I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures for all to see.
All this alone time is making me homesick for Ohio AND Utah. My good friend is getting hitched and I really wish I could be there to help out with the planning because the wedding is coming fast! And I miss playing games with my other good friend. Sigh.
And I am SO ready to go to my ultrasound and find out if this little one is a girl or a boy (here's hoping Lovey cooperates when the technician tries to get a look)!!! But I have over half a month to go.

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cwalburger said...

WOW, things really are not going so well for you right nwo, huh. I know what you mean about that hotel lobby being humid. When we came here for Mya's baby blessing back in September last year, we stayed at the Travel Lodge. YOu can always give me a call if you ever just want someone to talk to.

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