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Wednesday, July 23

The Baby is DANCING in There!

Well, today I'm officially 18 weeks pregnant. And, as if to celebrate, Lovey is dancing! And I can feel it! For what feels like the longest time I've had slight little flutters that may or may not have been gas. But this is definitely not gas! S/he is bumping around in there!!! I cannot describe the thrill it gives me to feel this little person wiggling!

3 Stubborn Stains:

Laura said...

Yeah it's fun when they start dancing around! But just wait a few months and they're doing crazy somersaults while you're trying to sleep, and then kick your bladder directly!!
I keep thinking i'm getting little kicks, but at 10 weeks i'm probably imagining things..

Holly said...

10 weeks does seem pretty soon. But everyone tells me that with 2nd, 3rd, etc. babies you can feel it earlier so maybe you're not imagining things?

cwalburger said...

I found that the idea of having a baby in my tummy seemed more real when I could finally feel it moving around. It is such a great experience. Even when they get to the point where they are almost always kicking you, or rolling over your bladder, or interupting you sleep that it is still a wonderful thing. I would sometimes stay up late laughing at how my stomach would roll with Samantha's head moving. So exciting!!!

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