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Thursday, September 30

A Call For Help

The doula who helped me bring Lucy into the world is celebrating 10 years of fantastic service with a cutest baby contest. Naturally I entered the cutest baby I know…
cutestbaby-1 {picture from last year}
Now I need your help. If you’ve got five minutes you can help me win the contest. It’s super simple:

*Voting ends October 31st!*
  1. Join the Special Deliveries Facebook group.
  2. Navigate to the “discussions” tab.
  3. Find the discussion titled “44.”
  4. Leave a comment that says “vote.” Anything more or less than the word “vote” will be deleted.

That’s it! Just a note, if you leave the Facebook group before the contest ends November 1st then Facebook automatically deletes your vote. If you enjoy this blog, and you’ve got a minute to help me out I’d really appreciate your vote. And, of course, you’re welcome to help spread the word via Twitter or wherever.
Saturday, September 25

Lots And Lots of Pictures

Guys, I’m sorry. I’m still adjusting to this whole “having a job thing.” I’ve been super busy. And I was totally going to blog and blog and blog this weekend…until the cold I’ve been battling won the war. I have been a snotty, miserable mess today. So here’s lots of pictures instead:

First up, a Halloween project inspired by eighteen25 {yeah, I know, October isn’t until next week, so what?}:

Yoho National Park-1{most of these pictures were done by my boss at Madchen Studios}



<----A spooky photo because I wanted to play around with Adobe Lightroom {my new favorite program}. I think I went too big on this project. They kind of overwhelm my little Kijiji {like Craig’s List} table, hutch, thingy. But oh, well. Speaking of my little second-hand buffet thingamajig. I’m totally painting it one of these days. And it is going to be unbelievably awesome. Trust me.

Also, why is glitter so freakin’ expensive?


And now, more pictures from British Columbia {people pictured are me in my pajamas and Yeti hat, Lucy in her pyjamas, Uncle Jared, Uncle Spencer, and Adam – places pictured are Uncle Jared’s house/yard, the Natural Bridge in Yoho, and Emerald Lake in Yoho – PS: forgive the unusual watermarks…I’m tired, sick, and grouchy}:

Yoho National Park 4x6-3 Yoho National Park 4x6-9 Yoho National Park 4x6-14 Yoho National Park 4x6-18 Yoho National Park 4x6-20 Yoho National Park 4x6-27 Yoho National Park 4x6-31 Yoho National Park 4x6-32 Yoho National Park 4x6-36 Yoho National Park 4x6-37 Yoho National Park 4x6-46 Yoho National Park 4x6-50 Yoho National Park 4x6-51 Yoho National Park 4x6-55 Yoho National Park 4x6-58 Yoho National Park 4x6-62 Yoho National Park 4x6-63 Yoho National Park 4x6-69 Yoho National Park 4x6-71 Yoho National Park 4x6-79 Yoho National Park 4x6-81 Yoho National Park 4x6-82 Yoho National Park 4x6-93 Yoho National Park 4x6-96 Yoho National Park 4x6-104 Yoho National Park 4x6-105 Yoho National Park 4x6-117 Yoho National Park 4x6-122 {breastfeeding in the wilderness}

Yoho National Park 4x6-128 Yoho National Park 4x6-129Yoho National Park 4x6-134 Yoho National Park 4x6-132 {the view from Uncle Jared’s front door}

Some ooooold pictures from our trip to Ohio last year that I just now got around to editing/converting to jpegs:


{Yay Grandma!}

 ohiotrip-1 ohiotrip-1-4


{Yay Great Grandpa!}

 ohiotrip-1-2 ohiotrip-1-5 ohiotrip-1-6

{Yay puppies and pools!}

And last but not least, more recent, random pictures:

IMG_4885{first day going to the day home}

 IMG_4894 IMG_4898

{this guy let me get so close I was worried he was going to attack me}

IMG_4942 IMG_4948 

So, there you have it. My blog has vomited pictures all over the internet. Thankfully my illness has involved zero of the same {colds suck, but they are far better than the flu}. Life is otherwise good, though I am stressing about all the things I need to get done. Lucy is adjusting well to going to the day home part time. School is in full swing for Adam and his med school applications for this cycle are almost complete. Uncle Spencer is our new neighbor. He just got a job at The Source. I am enjoying my new job. Aaaand…H&R Block tells us we should FINALLY be getting our tax refund from a few years ago. Supposedly we can expect a check around $3000 sometime soon. Phew. Thank goodness. We need it, especially since we’re traveling to Ohio for Christmas this year {a fact about which I am unbelievably excited}.

That’s all for now. I miss blogging more often and hope to get back into my regular schedule once I get caught up in other “real life” stuff.


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