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Saturday, June 20

Red Alert

A drama of international importance has been unfolding of which you may not be aware. You see, the United States and Russia are allies these days, even if there’s still reluctance to be friends comrades. But it seems POTUS doesn’t trust the Russians one bit. In fact, he has a plan to carry out an attack on Russia which would leave Moscow completely levelled. How? With the super weapon hidden under Mt. Rushmore of course! This attack will destroy our alliance and certainly lead Russia to retaliate. I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to see what angry Russians are capable of.*

But don’t worry, my husband has us covered.

He’s undertaken a mission to destroy the super weapon before the President’s limo can arrive at the launch site. He won’t let us down. The scantily clad women** working for the military certainly seem to have faith in him. And so do I (though while wearing more clothes). This mission is just too important. Failure simply isn’t an option.

And on the off chance that he does fail he can always click the “Try Again” button.

Do you or your husband play video games? Which ones? Are you ever amazed at how cheesy the storyline is? Tell me all about it in the comments.


*I’ve seen Red Dawn. Not even Patrick Swayze can stop pissed-off Russians!

**Come on now, are those really the standard uniforms these days?


2 Stubborn Stains:

parentingBYdummies said...

My husband is a HUGE gaming guy (considering that he is gainfully employed and over age 30). He plays when he can (which is for hours every night after our dudes go to bed). He plays PS3 the most but we own pretty much every gaming system known to man. Right now he's addicted to Infamous. I can not complain too much b/c I have a healthy obsession with the SIMS and am so happy I got the SIMS3 a coupla weeks ago. Struggling to balance SIMS time w/blogging (oh, and crap, gotta fit the kiddies in too). What's a mom to do? Nice blog. Baby=cute:)

Serene said...

I wish those uniforms were standard issue! ;P

I usually stick to the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. I played a Medal of Honor (first person shooter) game for a while and it made me twitchy. Boyfriend loves City of Heroes/City of Villains.

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