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Tuesday, June 9

Too Much of a Good Thing

Did I mention that tutu project I was so excited about?

Oh, I did?

Yeah, well, I guess I'm a little too excited. So excited in fact that I couldn't sleep last night, not for a very long time. See, and this is very much an ADD thing, my brain obsesses about things very easily. So I was laying there thinking "shut up Brain!" while my brain had plans of her own, tutu plans.

{And this is the part where you get a frightening glimpse into the way my mind works.}

It went something like this:

Hmmm...let's see...I could make a red and white one for Canada day, and a blue and white one for Halloween*, and a Lorax one for Lucy's birthday**, and a red and green one for Christmas, and ooh! I could take pictures of Lucy in the red and green one to send out with Christmas cards, and a pink, red, and white one for Valentine's day, and one in different shades of green for St. Patrick's day, and maybe I'll make one for myself for Halloween, and I should try cutting triangle points on the ends of some, and I want that thing on Etsy so I can learn how to do fancier ones, and I need to make a different, smaller one in purple and white for Lucy's pictures because Adam doesn't really like the yellow and purple and he's kind of right, and I so want a Bedazzler, and I'm so excited about finding that online source for tulle, oh! I should get a plain white onesie and freezer paper stencil a little Canadian flag with a heart instead of a maple leaf and Lucy can wear it with her tutu and we'll go to the fireworks or something, and I could do a pink heart for a Valentine's day shirt, and...
Well, you get the idea. My brain is really just one big run-on sentence when it gets going.

Someone stop me before I make tutus for the whole world! Hmmm...I bet Sasha and Malia would look adorable in red, white, and blue tutus for the Fourth of July!

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*Lucy's Halloween costume is going to be "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and you will think it is the best costume ever. My magic 8-ball and iPod Macro cannot compare!

**I'm thinking of doing a Dr. Seuss theme for Lucy's first birthday. The tutu would match the colors of the Truffula Trees from The Lorax.

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