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Thursday, June 11

I Love Getting Packages

I love wearing my baby. But our black wrap gets awfully hot some times. It also shows cat hair like crazy. Plus I get tired of people calling Lucy a boy. And...well...I like pretty things. That's why I sold my old Palm Pilot and got this:

"Mama, I like it!"

It arrived today and I loooooove it! It's a lighter weight fabric so I'm having to get used to how that affects the tightness with which I need to tie Lucy on but it also means that I'm not going to get as hot as I do wearing the black wrap! You can get your own (in many different colors, and even in reversible styles) here.

Now maybe I won't have to choose between dying of heat or wrestling our big stroller when I walk to the fabric store.

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PS: Those pants? Yeah, they're PRE-pregnancy! Woo-hoo!

PPS: Do you see how long my hair is getting? I soooooo need a hair cut!

11 Stubborn Stains:

Crystal HW said...

Way to go Holly! It is so exciting to wear pre pregnancy clothes again.

LOVE the wrap! It looks great!

Beth said...

So cute. Stopping in from SITS. Adorable blog I can't wait to see your revamped one. I will follow now for sure.

Brandy said...

I totally want one of those wraps now. I don't really like mine.

Holly Noelle said...

I <3 Etsy! You should check it out and see if there's a wrap you like better! And there's always the option of doing a custom order!

elizabeth.bogumil said...

this is such a cute picture of you two! lucy is adorable and..although your hair is long, it looks really good : )

Holly Noelle said...

Thanks. I don't mind it visually but it's far too tempting for grabby little hands and it's a pain to wash/brush/style/etc.

Rambling Rachel said...

Oh, that carrier, that Etsy artist, that baby and you -- all cute!

Thanks for sharing Etsy favorites. I love supporting them.

supah ~d said...

oooohhh i HAVE ONE TOOOO! I love it. I carried my M aroudn colorado in it in the blazin sun!!! I got a white one with a bright funky print..

too cute.

Gwenn S. said...

Awesome carrier! and you look pretty :)


i think your hair looks pretty at this length with the layering in the front. isn't that funny how sometimes hair looks and lays so nice when it grows out?!?!

also, random questions, but does wearing lucy strengthen your stomach muscles? it seems that by wearing baby and keeping good posture it would definitely strengthen stomachs : ) you know what would be cool, a post about getting in shape with your baby ie: wearing them, going for stroller walks, swimming, and other things that can be done together.

congrats on the pre pregnancy pants and cute baby wrap!

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

I mostly feel like I'm using my back muscles when I wear Lucy. But who knows, maybe it does use some stomach muscle too.

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