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Saturday, June 20

I Surrender

Previously I had announced my intentions to stay off Twitter. I had an account (used exclusively for the purpose of entering blog giveaways). But apparently I’m pretty popular (my high school self would never believe that). I’ve managed to get a small Twitter following without even trying. So I give in folks. My inner Luddite has been defeated. I am now a total twit (because I wasn’t one before?). I’ve linked my Twitter account and my Facebook account. So at least I only have to worry about doing single updates. You people following me better be happy that you’re going to get real tweets now. My inner Luddite is very annoyed. But my inner geek is doing a happy dance. So I guess it all evens out. Follow me here.


2 Stubborn Stains:

Mrs. Jones said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!! :)

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

ha, I know, it's ridiculous isn't it?! I remember saying I would NEVER do twitter because I thought it was soooo dumb.. and look at me now! AND everyone else is doing it! ha! ;)

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