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Tuesday, April 7

I'm Back!

Allrighty, folks! I'm back to blogging. I do ask for your patience with the current design (I know...March is SO last month, right?). I've got my brand-spankin' new design done but have some serious troubleshooting to do with the CSS code. And if that makes no sense to you just pretend it does and move on.

Baby Lu is growing like the proverbial weed. It's exciting because she's developing even more personality and accomplishing new things like rolling over. And by "rolling over" I mean she did, one time, and has shown no signs of doing it again any time soon. But it's also heartbreaking. I would ask why babies have to grow so fast...but I understand natural selection well enough that I already know the answer to that.

Bear re-evaluated his academic plans and has discovered that it may not take quite as long as we thought before he can begin "real" med school. The current plan is to take the MCAT this summer. I'm excited. The sooner he can start applying to med school, the sooner he can get in. And the sooner he gets in, the sooner we move out of Medicine Hat. Sorry to my fellow...fellow...Hatians? No. That won't work, too close to Haitians. Sorry to my fellow Hatters. But I'd go mad if I had to stay here forever. (Did you see that? Did you see what I did there? Tee-hee!)

Now, might I take a moment to comment on Twitter? I tried to do the whole "Twitter thing." I signed up for an account and everything. My inner Luddite and my inner Geek had all kinds of arguments about Twitter. My inner Luddite rambling on about the invasion of technology into our personal lives, the shallowing of relationships brought on by techno-exhibitionism, and the inanity of it all while my inner Geek just kept yelling something about it being new, shiny, and fun, FUN, FUN! In the end my inner Luddite won. Inner Geek will have to be happy with Facebook (off which she really ought to wean herself) and Blogger. And so I present the following video. That is exactly what I'm talking about.

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CrystalHW said...

Glad to hear it will not take so long to get into med school...YAY!

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