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Wednesday, April 8

Cooking Complaints

I hate cooking. Really. The thought of making a meal makes me lose my appetite. Bear does most of the cooking around here (which makes me feel guilty because I'm the one with the most free time). I try to find the easiest recipes I can find. I try to find quick meals I can just throw together. But still...being in the kitchen makes me feel like...[insert word that rhymes with "kitchen"].

But I've been wondering...am I going about this all wrong?

What if, instead of looking for the easy way out, I took a different approach? See, here's the thing...there are people who like to cook. Weird, I know. But they're out there. And it seems to me that they like to cook fancy-pants meals. Cooking isn't a chore. Cooking isn't just a means to an end (that end being a full stomach). Cooking is a hobby, an art even. And, as I pointed out, I do have quite a bit of expendable time on my hands maybe I should be looking for exciting, gourmet recipes.

Here's my theory. If I have a recipe that will result in something really tasty, something I can be proud of, something my family will drool over, something that will make leftovers for Bear's lunch that'll make his peers jealous then maybe, maybe it will make cooking fun. Maybe I hate cooking because I feel like I'm not getting much out of it. Oh, woo-hoo...decent meal, full belly. Is that really worth the time and effort? Even "easy" recipes require work. But for a marginally larger amount of effort I could be having meals like mushroom and goat cheese lasagna, or almond nut loaf, or even Jared-style pizza.

Then again, I could just throw that freezer pizza in the oven.

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Samantha said...

you're not the only one! I hate cooking too! Luckily I have a husband how loves to cook and does a darn good job at it! :)

Shelley said...

I have a really awesome, really easy, and really delicious recipe for potato, cheese, and broccoli soup. I'll type it up for you when I get back to my apartment.

Holly Noelle said...


Kamity said...

Mark and I like food too much not too cook. But we are still minimalist slackers when it comes to cooking food - generally nothing that will take more than 30 minutes (absolute max) to do. Unfortunately, just about all of the stuff we like involves meat, so ... um ... homemade mac'n cheese with broccoli? We have also fallen in love with eggs lately (pregnancy cravings?) I'm afraid to check our cholesterol. @_@

Oh, and words that rhyme with "kitchen" ... It's "stitchin" right? ;)

imemary said...

I think you have something with that theory. I don't really like to bake, but I make these awesome scones from scratch. I took them to work like a month ago and people still talk about them. They are something that I am willing to make over again.

CrystalHW said...

I agree, sometimes cooking is a chore. I have to be in a cooking mood to enjoy the task, and that is not that often these days. I would rather bake sweets than cook supper anyday.

Holly Noelle said...

Mary: I like baking most of the time. Probably because whenever you bake you know people will be excited about it. Who doesn't like pie, or cake, or chocolate chip cookies?

Anyway....it's nice to know I'm not alone in my cooking aversion.

Kamity said...

You should write a post about the artisan bread in 5 minutes thing. :)

Holly Noelle said...

I was planning on it, Kamis! :) In fact I was just about to when I read your comment!

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