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Monday, April 27

If I Ruled The World:

If I ruled the world...
  • The max MCAT scores would be in the thousands instead of forties because a test that big deserves scoring that feels more impressive.
  • Blogger would have a wysiwyg template editor so I could finish and install my new design sometime in the next decade.
  • I'd be allowed to leave the country without fear of being denied re-entry.
  • Target, Ben & Jerry's, and a decent Mexican place would all be available in Medicine Hat.
If I ruled the world and had supernatural powers...
  • Hogwarts would be real and I'd be a graduate.
  • The weather would remember that we're in spring now so it's OK to be warm.
  • The nutritional value of a food would be directly linked to its yumminess.
  • Time could be manipulated.

What would you change if you ruled the world?

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3 Stubborn Stains:

Jason, Ginny and Oliver said...

I would make it so that after having born a child you would be skinnier (not fatter) than you were before, as a reward for all your hard work. And I totally agree about the Hogwarts thing!! I'm reading the Harry Potter books right now and I LOVE it. R.K. Rowling has a serious imagination.

CrystalHW said...

You can get Ben and Jerrys in Medicine Hat. I hvae seen it and purchased it. When I remember where, I will let you know. I too agree about Hogwarts. Maybe a bunch of us should go to the show when it comes out this summer...that would be fun.

Anonymous said...

If I ruled the world, my best friends would all live next door to me, but still magically be in their same geographic locations. I'd never have to fly or drive anywhere to go on vacation!!

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