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Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

ETA: Again...for some reason Blogger doesn't want to display my pictures correctly. I'm not doing anything differently so I have no idea what its malfunction is. Sorry! *shrugs*

Felt (in 3 colors) - $2.52
Black t-shirt - $5
Hot glue and glue gun (inherited from mother) - $0
Leftover white paint - $0
Awesome costume that you didn't get to show off at the part because you were at the hospital - Infinitely frustrating.
Yes, that's right. I made my (very fun and, in my opinion, awesome) costume and was very
much looking forward to going to the Church Halloween shindig. However I ended up in labor and delivery with mysterious belly pains. By the time they determined that Lovey was doing absolutely wonderfully and they had no idea why I was hurting* the party was already being cleaned up. :(

We're not getting many trick-or-treaters tonight. That's fine. That just means I get to keep more of the fruit snacks we've got to hand out. And, just FYI, please teach your children that when
trick-or-treating it is generally considered bad manners to not actually say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you."

Anyway...here are pictures of my costume and Adam's, as well as a new belly picture taken at 32 weeks.

Here I am! A magic 8-ball! Go ahead, ask me a yes or no question.
Then scroll down for the answer.

(I also had a "Yes" answer but I prefer this one. After all, it was the answer that I seemed to get 90% of the time - which was infuriating.)

And here's an encore of Adam's scout trooper costume (a la "Return of the Jedi").

32 weeks 0 days. Ignore the hair.

*The pain went away on its own and remains a mystery.

2 Stubborn Stains:

cwalburg said...

Sweet costumes!! Glad to hear that the pain went away.

Mandie said...

you look lovely! Love the costumes!

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