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Saturday, October 18

A Fun Friday and a "Super Saturday"

Friday (yesterday) night I attended a Girl's Night which consisted of chatting and chowing down on cupcakes. Oh, yum! It was a lot of fun. It was great to get out of the house and spend some time with other women (not that I don't LOVE spending time with Adam, I do). In fact, it was so fun I didn't get home until about 3 in the morning. *sheepish grin*

Of course...I would have just slept in this morning to make up for my late night cupcake caper but our ward Relief Society had "Super Saturday" this morning at 9:00! Plus I had to get up and go to Micheal's first to buy some paint. I've never been to a "Super Saturday" before but I'm a fan. It's basically a chance for us women to get together, do crafts, chat, eat, etc. What a blast!

Behold! My crafts!

This nifty thing-a-ma-jig is now hanging in our entryway (thank you Adam)! The knobs are magnets. We're going to use it as a place to stash in-going and out-going mail. I picked that particular shade of red I for two reasons:
1. My mom gave me her Kitchen-Aid mixer (which, incidentally, I gave her as a gift some time ago). The mixer is bright red. So I use red as the accent color in my kitchen. I have a paper towel holder, trivets, and utensil holder in the same shade (also gifts from my mom).
2. I didn't want to buy two separate paint colors and I thought I needed to bring my own paint for the craft below (which I wanted in this shade of red).


This isn't quite finished. I need to grab some ribbon so I can hang it. There were several spools of ribbon available but none of them matched. I'm also kind of bummed that I didn't get the vinyl letters/picture centered. But there's nothing to do about it now. At least it's not terribly off-kilter. [Just FYI: the box the plaque is sitting on is Lovey's car seat! One less item to worry about! Of course, we had to buy this particular item new because it's not safe to buy used ones. It's a convertible car seat though. So it'll get her from infant stage through child stage.]
When we signed up for which projects we wanted to do I got the impression (like I mentioned) that we needed to provide our own paint. Since I plan on focusing on red and white (and green) for my Christmas decorations I wanted to do this in a festive red. There were lots of different shades to choose from at Micheal's. Fortunately, in the midst of pondering which shade would be best, I noticed this one, called "Christmas Red." I'm going with a red/white/green theme for Christmas for several reasons:
1. It's classic. As much as I love the blue and white Christmas decorations, and even the purple ones, that are so in vogue right now those colors won't stay in style forever.
2. It's affordable (my ultimate priority, especially with how tight things are this year). I can easily make decorations in these colors using cheap materials (peppermints, ribbon, holly, etc.).
3. It's easy. The colors are already so prevalent at this time of year. After all...what color is snow? The Christmas tree? Yeah. Exactly.


And my final craft? A "Reverence Book" or "Quiet Book" for Lovey to (someday) use during Church. There was no possible way to finish this one today. But I'm still excited about it. The front has a little "S" in the corner (for Shumate). The inside has lots of different scrap booking papers. I'll share several pictures so you get a feel for the pretty pages inside (sorry the photos aren't very good). And here's a link to the content I'll be using (though slightly changed). And this is where I found most of the clip art I'm going to use. Even after doing all the letters of the alphabet I'll have some extra pages. So I'll probably add in a "Who Loves You?" section and throw in some family pictures and such.


And now some photos unrelated to "Super Saturday."

This is the desk we got off Freecycle to use as my sewing table. Score!

And this is the wrapping paper that the baby book my mom gave me was wrapped in. Didn't I tell you it was adorable?

2 Stubborn Stains:

Mrs. Jones said...

So, we are having a "super Saturday" too except ours in on Friday the 7th. So it will be called the Fantastic Friday! I'm super excited! Yey for Relief Society!

cwalburg said...

you did beat me to pictures. The reason I was so quick on posting is because I had to come home early. Love the wrapping paper, and sewing table. The plaque will not look offcenter when you get the ribbon on it.

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