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Tuesday, October 28

A Plethora of Pinatas, er, I mean, Pictures

ETA: So, Blogger decided to get all wonky on me and isn't loading the pictures correctly. To see them in all their glory you'll have to click on them. Sorry.

A lot has been going on recently. So here's a random collection of mini-updates and pictures.


It's done! It's finally done! My application for permanent residency has been completed and mailed. Here's a shot of the fat stack of forms and one of Adam addressing the envelope at Canada Post (if you look closely you'll see the worst picture of me pretty much EVER).


Here's a shot of the "apple pear" I got at Safeway. I'm not exactly sure if I ate it "correctly" (am I supposed to wait for it to get soft like a pear?). The texture was OK but the flavor was pretty bland. I'd rather just have a regular apple or a regular pear. But at least now I can say I've tried one of these newfangled hybrid fruits.


This was our backyard on Saturday. Yup, we had snow. It didn't stay (in fact it was quite nice today) but it was exciting at the time. Christmas is coming (which means so is baby)! I can't wait to enjoy the holiday season; lights, carols, goodies, and that special spirit. Ah, Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year!


We got another room more or less finished up. Here are the before pictures. This is the room right across from our bedroom. It's the craft room/spare bedroom right now. Here's a shot from the doorway. This is currently our bed, but we're getting a used king sleigh bed this week that will be going in our room. I have since moved the plastic drawers to the right of the craft/sewing desk into the closet.

Here's a close-up shot of the craft area. The lump on the left is my semi-functional sewing machine with a pillowcase to keep it dust free. This window looks out on the front

To the left of the desk is the closet (the only walk in closet in the whole house...too bad it's not in the master bedroom).

It's still pretty messy in the closet but I figure it doesn't really matter at the moment. We keep our linens (towels, rags, sheets, etc.) and my fabric for sewing in the drawers.

And here's one more shot of the bed. I just wanted to make sure you got a good look at the beautiful quilt Adam's mom made and gave to us as a wedding present (she also made us an incredible pottery set). At some point well get a bed skirt for the bed and put some storage underneath it. But the room is done enough. We've been making progress throughout the house but more needs to be done before I post pictures of the basement, kitchen, master, bathrooms, and Lovey's room.


I finally got an appointment with Dr. Prince today. My friend Crystal was an angel and gave me a ride to the appointment because I didn't end up having the car as planned (long story short: had a bad night, couldn't safely drive Adam to work this morning). Dr. Prince had to deliver two babies so we waited for what seemed like an eternity. I'm constantly amazed at how mellow Sam (Crystal's cute little girl) is. Even though she was tired and the wait was long she hardly seemed bothered. I can only hope my little girl acts like that when she's two. (Thanks again Crystal!)

It's hard to tell for sure from an appointment that lasts all of 10 minutes ("Baby's fine. You're fine. Any questions?")...but the rave reviews of Dr. Prince seem justified. He actually asked permission to do things (like pulling up my shirt to measure my belly) instead of ordering me around. And he actually discussed a few things with me. I won't be seeing him next time (his day in the clinic wasn't convenient for me so I'm going to use it as a chance to meet another doc). But I'll certainly try to get in with him whenever I can. Seeing as I'm expected to go every two weeks from now on (until December when I go weekly-ugh) I should have plenty of chances.


I finally got my beads from my online bead swap. They're very nice. I'm just waiting on some more from my "real life" friends before I make my necklace.


There's plenty more going on this week but I figure I'll write about it after the fact.

3 Stubborn Stains:

Kamity said...

Apple pears = Asian pears = "nashi" in Japan. I loved 'em. Our house in Colorado Springs had an Asian pear tree in the backyard that bore fruit - the year we moved out. :'( We'd thought it was just a plain old apple tree!!

Sorry it was bland ... I remember it having the texture of crunchy Styrofoam (weird but cool!) and being really sweet and juicy.

Holly said...

You know, I've had a nashi before (I had a roommate who introduced me to them). I remember liking it. But I didn't like this one. The guy at the store said it was a new hybrid (apparently he was wrong seeing as nashis are not new).

cwalburg said...

YOu are most welcome! I too am glad that Sam was so Mellow. . . thanks to the TV and toys to keep her occupied. I will be adding to your bead necklace this weekend. I will bring it on Sunday, with that shirt. Sorry you missed the Party. Hope you have a great Halloween!

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