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Saturday, October 4

Thoughts on Conference: Sat AM

It's General Conference Weekend!

I first want to say that I love the Church's new media player! Even my slow internet and slow computer can handle the streaming live video with almost no hiccups!

The MoTab sounded wonderful this morning. It'll be interesting to see what choirs sing at the other sessions of conference (though I'd be quite content to have the MoTab do them all). Lovey seemed to like the music as well.

Did you catch the exciting news? One of the five (FIVE!) new temples is going to be built in Calgary, Alberta! Not that Calgary is any closer to Medicine Hat than Cardston* is...but it's still exciting for us! I was telling Adam, just before it was announced, that I'd like to go to a Temple dedication some day. Maybe now I'll get my chance! And how exciting is it that there is going to be a Temple in ROME? That's very cool.

I stumbled upon this General Conference activity packet last night. It's meant for children. But I went ahead and printed off a copy each for Adam and I. Even grown ups need help paying attention (especially the ADHD ones with pregnancy brain). It has places for notes, Conference bingo, word searches, etc. etc. Well, one of the activities is a "Follow the Prophet" maze. Cute idea. Too bad you cannot succesfully complete the maze. That's right...the paths from "Start" all dead end. Working backwards from the end all the paths also dead end. I can just imagine all the frustrated children...

And I just have to add: I love Elder Uchtdorf! I'm still mulling over the things he said in last weekend's General Relief Society Broadcast (a most excellent talk! - read it or watch it!). And I really enjoyed his remarks today as well. Plus I just LURVE listening to his German accent. And I love the stories he tells. I probably shouldn't have a "favorite" apostle. But *if* I did it would probably be Elder Uchtdorf.

The afternoon session will be starting in about 20 minutes. I'm sure I'll have more to share when it's over. Then tomorrow Adam and I plan on watching the broadcast of the morning and afternoon sessions via satellite at the Church meetinghouse. I hope those of you watching Conference are enjoying it!

*Cardston is the oldest Temple outside the USA. Neat, huh?

2 Stubborn Stains:

Kamity said...

I love his accent, too, but you can have Elder Uchtdorf. Elder Wirthlin is my favorite. <3

Holly said...

Of course, pick the hunky football star. ;P

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