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Wednesday, March 4

O, Canada!

Well, Monday we drove about three hours for the privilege of paying doctors and technicians to poke and prod me and evaluate various fluids. The results? I'm healthy and will not pose a threat to the health of Canadians if the government lets me stay here.

I could have told them that. But I guess they don't trust me.

All in all it wasn't a bad trip. It was inconvenient, sure (Adam missed class, I got blood drawn, it was a long drive). But it went pretty smoothly and it gave us an opportunity to stop at Ikea. We now have bookshelves, a desk chair for me, a cheap, simple high chair for Lucy, and an even cheaper potty (which she won't be needing for quite some time, but who knows when we'll get another chance to go to Ikea), and a few other odds and ends that had been on our shopping list for quite some time.

If I wasn't already in love with Ikea (and I certainly am) I would have fallen in love after using their nursing room. I don't mind nursing wherever I happen to be (though I prefer to sit in a chair of some sort). Usually it's easiest to just feed Lucy right on the spot so she doesn't get too upset to eat while I'm looking for someplace nice to sit. Sometimes I can anticipate a pending feeding session and will find someplace cozy. Ikea has someplace cozy. The nursing room is furnished with Ikea products (just like the cafeteria) including a real changing table (not one of those plastic things that folds down from the wall) and a super comfy leather chair. There are even toys in case baby has an older sibling who needs something to do while mum's nursing. And you can even control the volume of the store radio. And the room was clean. I was very pleased. If I could have I would have just chilled there for a while after Lucy was done because it was so nice. But I had to go sacrifice blood to the Immigration Gods.

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3 Stubborn Stains:

CrystalHW said...

WOW, I am impressed to hear about the Ikea mother'slounge area. I have yet to see an Ikea. Maybe next time I make it up to Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good, I'm glad they didn't find out about your gonoherpasyphilaids. :D I think that is my favorite made-up STD ever.

Oh, and thanks for your comment in my LJ. I admit I'm not a stud and I'm all for taking drugs when I give birth. Natural birth sounds cool, but deep down, I feel awkward about trying it myself. Like dancing.

We also bought a big stuffed hippo from IKEA last weekend. It's so cute!!

Holly Noelle said...

Man...I'm STILL bummed that campaign died. You know you've got a fun RPG group when space STDs are involved. lol!

And hey...if you tried for a natural birth because someone else thought you ought to then you probably wouldn't enjoy it, so why bother kwim? Like I said, you gotta do what's best for you and your family! :D

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