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Wednesday, March 4

101 Things to do in 1001 Days Project

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).
My end date is: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My List: (started, completed)


  • run a marathon
  • drink 3 glasses of water every day for 1 month
  • go to the dentist just for a check up
  • get in shape enough to feel comfortable in "skinny jeans," a miniskirt or something similar
  • do monthly breast self exams after Lucy weans
  • do 500 push-ups (the real deal, no sissy half push-ups) 0/500

Good Deeds

  • donate $1 for every failed goal
  • walk the MS Walk every year 2/(possibly) 3
  • donate blood again
  • provide a hot meal for someone in need
  • write motivational notes and leave them inside library books 1/50
  • do Holiday Helper every year (quit the Mothering website, but have donated some baby items to moms in need elsewhere)
  • do RAK 0/20
  • write 5 "praise letters" to businesses/people's bosses to thank them for a job well done 4/5
  • give a Heifer International gift
  • buy Bear (Adam) an awesome gift with my money "just because"
  • volunteer with Girl Guides
  • make calendars as Christmas gifts

Travel/Fun Activities

  • go rock wall climbing 0/3
  • attend Oktoberfest (a local one, not the real deal...though were I filthy rich, that would be awesome)
  • watch a sunrise
  • watch a sunset and stargaze with Bear
  • watch the top 100 movies of all time 0/100
  • go camping with Bear and Lucy
  • go to the West Edmonton Mall (recap)
  • go to the zoo
  • go bird watching
  • throw a party (recap)
  • watch a hockey game from start to finish {GO CANADA! Watched the men's final in the 2010 Olympics}
  • tour Big Rock Brewery


  • read 5 books I wouldn't normally read 0/5
  • submit anything for publication
  • write 3 (decent) sonnets 0/3
  • reread the Weetzie Bat series
  • read my saved sources on improving my writing
  • spend an hour a day writing or doing writing exercises for 1 month
  • do NaBloPoMo
  • do NaNoWriMo again {attempted in 2009, did not hit 50,000 words}


  • go a full 24 hours without thinking about the church
  • make a 5 year plan
  • make a 10 year plan
  • make a list of 101 positive things about myself 10/101
  • purge 101 things from my life 0/101 {oops, haven't been keeping count!}
  • learn a new word every day for 1 month
  • do 5 things outside my comfort zone 0/5
  • write "vent letters" and burn them 0/25
  • *secret* 3/5


  • get re-certified for CPR
  • write a will
  • actually follow a 2 week meal plan at least once
  • do a top-to-bottom super clean of our home
  • "finish" my "control journals"
  • purge and transfer the files from my old computer (sorta)


  • save $5 for every task completed $0/$505
  • open my own savings account
  • get a part time job perhaps involving coffee or at a health food store (assuming my permanent resident paperwork is ever done)


  • save for and buy a pair of Earth Shoes
  • get a French manicure
  • give myself flowers  http://yfrog.com/cavhuj and http://yfrog.com/mruz2pj
  • get new glasses
  • finally choose and buy a watch
  • buy a piece of art
  • try getting my ears pierced one more time
  • buy a fabulous pair of toe socks (and wear in public with flip flops)

Arts and Crafts

  • refurbish a piece of second-hand furniture
  • fill a roll of film and get it developed I bought a digital SLR instead
  • make a piece of art and display it in our home
  • make a (real NY-style) Key lime cheesecake {made one for Christmas}

Why Not?

This Project

  • blog this list and track progress online for accountability (ongoing)
  • write myself a letter to read when I finish the project
  • make a new 101 list for when I finish 0/101
  • finish writing this list before I reach the halfway point (July 17th, 2010) 23/23

To Be Determined

  • Try one new food a month (or equivalent, i.e. two foods in one month is OK). 3/32 (blood oranges, kumquats, lychees, tamarinds)
  • Become flexible enough to comfortably put my palms on the floor from a standing position.
  • (re)Learn a dozen constellations. 0/12
  • Write and illustrate a book for Lucy.
  • Wear make-up every day for one week. 0/7
  • Draw something every day for 90 days. 0/90
  • Make the bed every day for one week. 0/7
  • Take Angmar through an automated car wash. {freaked Lucy out!}
  • But a shirt from Threadless or TypeTees.
  • Go a full 24 hours without screen time five times. 1/5
  • Learn the Thriller dance.
  • Go an entire week without asking Bear to get something for me--stop being lazy!) 0/7 {did it by default by going to Ohio...does that count?}
  • Get up by 8am every morning for two weeks. 0/14
  • Make avocado ice cream or create a recipe for (and make) avocado cake or some such dessert.
  • Get my *own* library card and get Lucy a library card.
  • Test drive a car.
  • Make a comic and post it online.
  • See The Rocky Horror Picture Show to figure out what all the fuss is about.
  • Read the entire Oz series.
  • Subscribe to Free Inquiry or another high caliber periodical (i.e. not something you can get in the checkout line at Safeway).
  • Try curling.
  • Learn the Canadian national anthem by heart.
  • Find a copy of K3G to borrow or buy and finally watch it with Bear.
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10 Stubborn Stains:

CrystalHW said...

It is great to see you setting goals. YOu can do it!!!

imemary said...

Goals! May I make some suggestions?
1. Learn to knit. This is actually a really awesome skill, and not so hard.
2. Buy something new to eat once a month that you wouldn't normally try (ie, octopus, caviar, champagne, duck...)
3. Become flexible enough to comfortably put the palms of your hands on the floor from a standing position.
4. Learn at least a dozen constellations.
5. Learn some travel lingo (Where's the bathroom? How much does this cost? etc.) for an exotic location that you would like to travel to some day.
6. Write and illustrate a book for Lucy.

Holly Noelle said...

Good ideas Mary! I actually have learned to knit a little bit, but it's not really my thing. I've got an unfinished project around here somewhere...

I've had caviar (too salty), and duck (greasy but not bad). I've also had squid. alligator, escargot, elk and moose. But I like this idea so I guess I'll see what new things I can find.

And I think I'll save learning travel lingo for when I can actually afford to travel someplace exotic. :)

elizabeth.bogumil said...

what good ideas. i think i may have to make a list myself.

i like the second to last challenge. there is a small town near me and they have an annual avocado festival. better yet they have avocado ice-cream; it has quite an interesting favor.

Anonymous said...

K3G?? Shahrukh just rocks!!! and you can't wrong with the rest of the cast either..I'd give u my copy if u were on my side of the world..lol


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. You may have inspired me :)

Patty Reiser said...

Well you could combine the learn a new word with NaBloPaMo by blogging a new word every day and sharing with your readers what it means.

As for Rocky, its just better in person with all the props, etc.

Lisa said...

Here's some help http://www.pch.gc.ca/pgm/ceem-cced/symbl/anthem-eng.cfm & extra credit ;) http://www.wowzone.com/o_canada.htm

imemary said...

I've decided I want to do this, but it's REALLY hard to come up with 101 goals!

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

I'm just sitting down to start my own list. Thanks for the inspiration!

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