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Sunday, March 8


Lucy has been testing the limits of my sanity this week. Suddenly stopped sleeping the usual amount. Prefers crying about being hungry to actually eating. Fusses and whines a lot, even in her sleep (which, truth be told is heart-breakingly adorable).

In other news: Kung Fu Panda is a really, really cute movie (I heart Jack Black). Bear is doing well in school. One of my sisters-in-law is pregnant with a little girl and her due date is today (fingers crossed)! Winter needs to GO AWAY (I'm trying to exercise, really I am...but running on ice = disaster waiting to happen). Oh, and having a bucket seat for Lucy is everything I dreamed it would be.

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CrystalHW said...

I have yet to see Kungfu Panda. Glad he is doing well in school. Hope Lucy gets her sleep sorted out soon so you can sleep too!

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