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Wednesday, January 7


Today I tried this recipe for egg popovers from Meal Planning Mommies. I made mine with whole wheat flour, ham, onion, and green pepper. Adam had his with cheese on top. I didn't because I'm cutting out dairy for the present to see if that's why Lucy has been throwing up, and fussy. But Adam says the cheese was good (it's OK, we can trust him). I have to say I'm quite pleased and will definitely make them again (next time I want to add spinach). They're yummy, healthy (if you add veggies and use whole wheat), and most importantly they're really easy to make.

See, here's the thing about me and cooking: I don't like it. Until fairly recently Adam has been the cook around here because I hated cooking so much. But if I can find more recipes like this I can see myself learning to maybe, possibly, theoretically like cooking. It's getting easier now that I'm working on establishing a regular meal plan (something I've tried to do many a time). However I think the real trick will be to remind myself (while I'm working in the kitchen) of two things:

  1. Hot, healthy meals are a gift for my family and
  2. It feels really good to successfully create something from a mishmash of raw ingredients.
It's nice when one's work is appreciated.

And here is yet another reminder about the giveaway!

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mormonmommyblogs said...

We were updating the MMB, and noticed that you moved... We put this new blog on the MMB (since you have a link) under the crunchy moms category. That is where you were originally. If you want to be changed, let us know.


CrystalHW said...

I agree that work is always better when it is appreciated. There are days I do not want to cook at all, but then Rob will make it worthwhile by saying Thankyou after. Hope Lucy feels better soon!

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