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Saturday, January 10

Motivated Mom: Final Review

Well, my two week trial of the Motivated Moms planner is just about up. So tonight I'm giving you my final review.

Definitely worth 8 bucks.

I'm positive I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again: I'm ADD. Like many adults with ADD I have tried a million different things to organize the different aspects of my life, homemaking being no exception. I flunked FlyLady. I've read books on housekeeping and seen no improvement. I've tried making my own chore charts. Most things I tried were just too complex to mantain without getting overwhelmed.

Herein lies the beauty of Motivated Moms: it's simply a checklist. If, like me, you love lists and checking things off motivates you to do more then it can't get much better than Motivated Moms. Well, a full time maid and cook might be better but that's gonna cost a whole heck of a lot more than 8 bucks.

Actually, I like to think of it as a "mom" in paper version. "She" knows all there is about keeping the house under control. "She" knows what needs done and when. And "she" tells you without nagging or guilt tripping.

I have noticed that not everything applies to me (so I just ignore those items). And (as some have commented on other posts) the frequency with which certain tasks are listed might seem strange. Here's what Deann at Motivated Moms had to say:

"I did notice on the comments about the hand towels (LOL). It's funny that I've read where people are like, "Ewwww, only change them every other day? I change mine daily!" Then others who say, "Every other day? That's crazy! We change ours once a week!" So I thought I'd explain....I'm home (was a SAHM and homeschooling and now a WAHM) all day and wash my hands after every bathroom trip (and after handling dirty laundry and before and after handling food/cooking) and I drink a lot of water and tea every day so bathroom trips are numerous! LOL So every other day is how often it turns out I needed to change the bathroom hand towels out so they aren't a soggy mess hanging on the rack.
"If I was at a job all day where we were only here dressing in the morning and then a few hours in the evening before bed I probably wouldn't change them quite so often (although I still would probably every 3 days or so just because there's no use smearing germs around).
"Then the kitchen cloth/towel - it just gets soppy a lot and the dishcloth will smell 'sour' if I don't change it every other day. I grew up having to SMELL the dishcloth before using it because my Mom didn't change it often enough. Ewwwwwww. LOL But trust me, we don't live in a germ free environment that looks like a museum. We live here, it's not a show place, so there are things that get laid down "just for now" and right now there's dishes in the sink because I made homemade pizza for lunch and haven't gotten in there to clean up yet (hey, at least I put everything in the sink and wiped all the sauce and cheese splatters off the counter and stove, that counts, right?). I think most people would be surprised at how normal (sometimes messy, sometimes clean) my house is but with the planner and keeping up with bits and pieces as I go through each day helps it to be at a reasonable level of tidiness at all times. There's still messes but they are reasonably contained and I know I'll get to them eventually as things come up on the planner."
Makes sense to me!

I hope you paid particular attention to that last paragraph. The planner is not meant to be a tool for perfectionism. If you don't check everything off, oh well. It'll be listed again another day. If something doesn't apply to you then you change things up. You do what works best for your family.

Of course...I think the strongest praise I can give the Motivated Moms Planner is that its motivated me (a total domestic dork) to actually clean.

And it's not too late to win a copy of your own!

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2 Stubborn Stains:

CrystalHW said...

Glad to hear it works for you. I have been told that once you find the key that works for you, life is so much easier to stay on top of at home.

Angela said...

As a mama with ADHD, I can TOTALLY relate to trying many, many things with.....well.....not such good success. :( (((hug)))

Glad you have found something that is working for you. Also congrats on your beautiful new addition!

God bless,
Angela (AngelBee from MDC)

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