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Thursday, January 1

Motivated Mom: An Update

I'm almost through week one of my two-week trial of the Motivated Moms Planner. So far I'm cautiously optimistic. I certainly haven't been doing every item on the planner, but I'm OK with that for several reasons:

1. Not everything applies to me. For example, I certainly can't dust my office as I have no office.
2. I'm not expected to. From the Motivated Moms website:
"If, while pursuing other goals, you miss the tasks scheduled for a particular day, you don’t have to ‘transfer’ those tasks to the next day. Just remain focused on completing daily chores and do the weekly scheduled tasks as they fit into your schedule and family lifestyle. The tasks you miss will come up again on another day.
Above all, the Motivated Moms Chore Planning System is NOT intended as a guilt planner!
3. I have a newborn.

But it is nice to have a list, already ready to go, for me to look at to know what I should be doing. There are things I would never think to do on my own (such as "go through coupons and dispose of expired ones"). It's also nice to have things planned out as to how often things should be done. Because, honestly, I'm a domestic dork. As much as I'm interested in homemaking, I don't really know as much about it as I'd like (which is sad considering how much time I've spent studying the subject). It's helpful to have someone tell me just how often I should do certain tasks. And, seeing as I'm a "list person" it's very satisfying to cross things off the list as they get done.

I'm keenly interested to see how things go next week once Adam starts classes and I'm home alone with Lucy. It might be great. Often I'm not as productive when I've got Adam home with me. Then again...it could be a disaster I can picture myself freaking out a little spending hours and hours alone with Lucy and with no help. Right now Adam is doing diapers, and helping me with nursing. It's still new enough to Lucy and I that we require "setting up" with the pillow, and burp rags (Lucy likes to let milk dribble out the side of her mouth), and so on. Having the extra pair of hands, and the love, support, and company has been wonderful. I guess we shall have to wait and see how things go...

2 Stubborn Stains:

Kamity said...

Oh, I'm also terrified of the idea of Mark abandoning me after I have the baby. Like we'll go on a vacation with his family and I'll be stuck with the baby 100% while he runs off and has fun with his family. (Depression and sleep deprivation speaking again. GRR.)

Holly said...

Hah! I can't imagine Mark doing anything of the sort. I bet he'll be just like Adam (who cares for and loves on the baby *all the time*).

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