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Monday, January 26

Bum Genius 3.0 Tutorial and Review

The Bum Genius 3.0 is an adjustable pocket diaper (simply by using a few snaps you can change the size to fit an 8 pound baby and up). Here are some (poorly lit) photos to show you the basics of how to use one.

Each dipe comes with an inner liner (bottom), as well as a newborn insert (top). Since Lucy is in fact a newborn I'll be using both.

Simply stuff the liners inside the pocket of the dipe (opening is in the back).

Then unfasten the Velcro tabs from the laundry tabs (keeps the Velcro from ruining the dipes in the wash).

And voila! You're ready to diaper your baby. No folding, no pinning. Works just like a 'sposie as far as getting it on and off your wee little one's bum.

But when was the last time you saw sposies in colors like these? I also have a few plain white ones.

And what's a post about diapers without a shot of the cutest little bum in southern Alberta, nay...in all of Canada!

Thus far, I'm pleased with the BG 3.0. The microfiber inserts seem to be absorbing well. And the soft lining of the dipe pulls the wetness away from Lucy's skin. I like to have the diapers stuffed ahead of time. That way, during the middle of a change I just pull a diaper out of the drawer and it's already ready to go. These dipes also fit much trimmer than our other cloth diapers. A review after a day of use is hardly a review. So I'll try to do another in the future when I've got a better idea of how I like 'em.
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3 Stubborn Stains:

Adam said...

We'll see what happens after another "fire hydrant hit by a bus" bowel movement.

Sorry, was that too graphic?

How about "Raging Tsunami through a sewer drain"?

"Water Element: Dragon Mouth Jutsu"?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you only use the 1 newborn liner for newborns, and the bigger liner when they get to the next snap size?

Holly Noelle said...

Hmmm...that would make them much trimmer but I'm pretty sure we'd get leaks. Our baby girl soaks both liners when she wets.

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