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Saturday, January 24

Let The Cloth Diapering Begin!

I've previously mentioned our plans to cloth diaper our little geeklette. Since her birth she's been in disposables pretty much all of the time for a few reasons. We only had a few cloth diapers (that were given to us) which certainly weren't enough to get her through the day. Plus the ones we had were a wee bit big on her...so big in fact that when lying on a flat service her butt was elevated above her head (no that is not hyperbole). And until recently we didn't have the cash on hand to buy all the dipes we'd need (cloth diapers will save you big (about $2,000 per child)...but you have to drop all your money at once instead of spreading it over time).

Well, today we did it! We've got enough diapers to get her through about a day and a half (for now...she'll use fewer each day the older she gets). It'll mean more laundry, sure. But it'll also mean we don't have to spend fifteen bucks a week on 'sposies.

We got the Bum Genius 3.0 diapers (one size/adjustable pocket diaper). We picked them up downtown at Bumbleboo. I'd suggest all you readers in Medicine Hat with little ones to diaper go try them out. But, well...unless you want blue ones we pretty much emptied the shelves. Well...there are some green ones left as well. But seriously, we bought a lot of dipes! Thankfully my oh-so-smart-smart husband thought to ask for a discount...seeing as we were "buying in bulk."

And, as unimportant as this may be in the grand scheme of things, the cloth dipes are WAY cuter than the "baby Garfield" 'sposies. They have to be washed a few times to make them absorbant. So I can't get a picture of Lucy in them just yet. But within the next day or two my little girl will have the cutest butt in all of southern Alberta.

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CrystalHW said...

I agree, cloth diapers can be so adorable!!

Mommy Bee said...

Oh yes, I have posted multiple pictures on my blog of the adorable diapers my little dude wears.

Are you in need of more dipes? Thanks to CPSIA legislation shutting me down, I'd be willing to give you a deal on anything currently in stock in my etsy shop... http://lilbees.etsy.com if you want to look (honestly I am still taking custom orders too, though there's a wait of a couple of weeks right now) :)

Kamity said...


If I were to do cloth diapering (if I get over my fear of poop in the washer) ... how many should I get?

I like the idea of starting with disposable diaper (when they're tiny) then switching to cloth ones when they fit better. That way I won't have to buy a bunch of cloth diapers in different sizes to keep up.

You ought to write another cloth diapering entry to educate me. =p: Then I can be all prepared for this summer. Maybe we'll chat on FB again soon...

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