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Sunday, January 25

Because I Love Kamis

This one's for you, Kamis!


The modern world of cloth diapering is quite different from that of our grandparents. There's no need to fold, or pin (unless you want to). Moms nowadays choose cloth for a number of different reasons: environmental, health, and financial being the most common. Some added bonuses to cloth diapering (CD) are the cuteness factor and (often) earlier potty training. But when delving into the world of CD for the first time the differences between diaper styles, the laundering questions, and the lingo overwhelms. Fortunately, it's not nearly as complicated as it seems.

For a really thorough (but quick and easy) beginner's guide I'd go here.

Some things you ought to know about cloth diapering:

  • Do NOT use fabric softener (unless you want diapers that are not absorbent and I can't imagine why you would).
  • Do NOT use too much detergent. You don't need much (in fact...if you use this method you don't need any real detergent). Like fabric softener too much detergent can screw up the absorbency of your dipes and is terribly difficult to rinse out (which means it'll be sitting against baby's sensitive skin).
  • Be careful with diaper rash creams. If diaper rash shows up make sure to use something meant for cloth (again, it's an absorbency issue). Some options that are supposed to be CD-firendly include this (although pricey), Aveeno, Burt's Bees, or breastmilk (also great for cuts/scrapes, acne, etc.).
  • As for baby poop...exclusively breastfed babies don't have "poop" like we normally think of it. Their dipes can just be thrown in the wash (rinse, then wash, then rinse). For babies with more solid poop just shake the dipe out over the toilet (or swirl it in the clean water). Many moms like to get a diaper sprayer but it's not required.
  • Consider WAHMs (work at home moms). There are plenty of women out there making and selling cloth dipes. Etsy is an excellent place to find them. In fact, the cutest dipes and covers available are usually made by business-moms (like this one). You can also find lots of patterns and tutorials online for making your own.
  • Consider cloth wipes. If you're going to be washing dirty diapers anyway there's no reason you can't use soft baby washcloths (or old cut-up t-shirts) as baby wipes. You can find recipes for wipes solutions (such as these) all over the internet. However, I personally would avoid using lavendar oil (especially on little baby boys) as there are still concerns as to it's long term effects (better safe than sorry!).
  • Do what works for you. If that means using 'sposies when going out and about then go for it! Maybe you'll want to do prefolds during the day and all-in-one's or fitteds at night to make midnight changes easier. The trick is to figure out what is best for you and your family.
And if you want some serious "crunchy" bragging rights with your hippy friends there's always elimination communication.

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3 Stubborn Stains:

imemary said...

This was quite informational. My sister-in-law does cloth diapering, and I'm considering it. You know, for when I have kids. Thanks for all the links!

Kamity said...

Thanks, Holly! <3 I'm happy with all of the stuff people have been sharing with me (just today!) ... and I'm looking forward to Tay getting me in touch with her sister-in-law.

I'm so glad Mark says, "I don't care what you decide to do and will support you in whatever decision you make. If you want to do cloth diapers, you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT because we're talking about $2000 in diapers per kid!" Woot woot woot.

Ohhhhhh I have the best husband ever. For me. <3 <3 <3

Sheryl said...

I am using an EC/cloth diapering combo (1/2 crunchy bragging rights) :)Cloth diapering rocks! Thanks for the great post with all the great links.

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