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Sunday, September 7

What A Weekend!

Friday: The Kenco company picnic was at Echo Dale park. Good food (just ask Adam what he thought of the monstrous steaks) and good fun (it was nice to finally meet the people Adam works with). Of course, what's an evening without a pregnancy hormone melt down? Mine took place in the car on the way home. People should really learn not to put away s'more ingredients without first asking the lady with child if she wants seconds. Ha ha ha. I honest to goodness cried about it. Later we picked up a box of baby clothes I snagged off Freecycle. There were some seriously cute items (including a little winter coat and a frilly pink dress).

Saturday: Hit some garage sales. Managed to snag two baby dresses ($1 each), a little pink poncho ($1), a bed frame ($3), and a fake christmas tree ($2). The bed frame and tree are particularly exciting (our box spring and mattress have just been sitting on the floor and I didn't really want to do another 2d paper tree like last year). Also hit Value Village (but only got one little dress and a candle holder). We had a $25 gift certificate for Leon's (furniture store). We were hoping they might be like R.C. Willey and have a variety of small household items. It took us forever to find anything under $25 (seriously...who pays $40 for a tiny picture frame that isn't even that attractive?). We finally got what might be either a cookbook stand or a picture stand for $16. We also ran a bunch of errands (joy!) and got some free breadsticks at Pizza Hut. Later Adam picked up The Spiderwick Chronicles on DVD for $3 (thanks to the Medicine Hat Mom Swap on Facebook). Cute movie. We took Nathan's young 'uns to see it earlier this year and both enjoyed it. I still haven't gotten around to reading the books but I'm planning on it.

Sunday: I slept! I actually SLEPT! I had almost slept through the night (just one period of "awake-ness"). But was still wiped when it was time to get up. I tried to force myself but, alas, failed. But it felt good to get that much deep sleep. Just a little bit ago we got another Freecycle score: a 24 pound turkey. Adam is a BIG turkey fan so this was a fortunate happenstance. Of course...the thing is WAY too big to fit in our freezer. However, a family that used to live in Kingston just moved into our ward. They've invited us over for dinner this coming Sunday. So Adam gave them a call and asked if they wanted the turkey for Sunday dinner. They did. And they have the space for it. But hopefully we'll still get to take home enough leftovers to make sandwiches and curry.

All in all it was a free/"cheap-as-free" weekend; which is my absolute favorite kind!

And, since I've actually got one, here's a new belly picture at 24 weeks 2 days (I need a bit of a hair cut - nothing drastic, just something a little more stylish/less frumpy)! Truth be told, I'm kind of fond of my little purple stretch marks. They're a happy little visual reminder of the wonderful gift I'm getting this Christmas. And they're a little like a badge of honor too. But ask me how I feel about them if they haven't faded in a year and we'll see if I'm still fond of them. Ha ha.

2 Stubborn Stains:

Kamity said...

Holly!! I think you're adorable!! *huge massive amounts of Dewey love coming from the general direction of Utah*

cwalburg said...

That does sound like a great weekend!

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