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Tuesday, September 9

Tiny Magical People

We have a house gnome. It has a fondness for measuring spoons. So far we've managed to find where he's hidden them. Some times we look and look only to find he's hidden them right where they belong. Upon further reflection I'm not sure if that more strongly illustrates how bad he is at hiding things or how bad we are at finding them.

We also have a ghost, the ghost of a digital watch which beeps at 12 past every hour. It must have been a slow watch, 12 minutes slow to be precise (more precise than the ghost at any rate).

And we have a fairy. She sometimes does wonderful things (like clean the kitchen) overnight. Adam calls her the "Holly Fairy." I call her the "Insomnia Fairy."

1 Stubborn Stains:

Annette said...

This is hilarious.

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