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Thursday, September 18

Family Room

Nothing motivates you to clean house like expected company. So, you can thank Mandi (one of my visiting teachers) for the photos I am finally posting of our family room.* If it weren't for the fact that she came to visit me today I probably would not have achieved what you are about to see. Remember what it used to look like?Here's the right side of the living room. The computer armoire (Ikea) houses Adam's desktop PC as well as our TV (free) and VCR ($5). The coffee table is a trunk I bought when I traveled to BYU for the first time. The blue thing on the floor is just a little file box. I don't have a better place to keep it right now.

This is our awesome couch (complements of Liz). The couch is actually the same material as the purple pillows...but not only does the cat hair really stand out on the dark color it sticks to the fabric like glue. But we like the slipcover (also complements of Liz) so we don't mind. And above the couch is our window to the messy kitchen.
Close up of the pillows. The two dark purple ones came with the couch. The awesome patterned one came from Target. We used to have it in our bedroom in Provo. But we were forced to make some changes in bedroom decor because of space and paint color issues.

Another shot of the armoir and trunk. Notice the CanadAmerican pride we're displaying up top?My coffee table knick-knacks. That's a shot of Adam and I from our Kingston open house on the left (frame from Target). On the right is a signed Walter Rane print. Remind me to write a rant/post someday about LDS artists and why Walter Rane is one of the only ones worth the canvas he paints on/only one who doesn't make me cringe in disgust. And that little do-dad that's hard to see is my metal bird (from Target...oh how I miss Target!). I have a thing for birds. I just love them! They're one of my absolute favorite decorating motifs (did you notice the two lovebirds on the red picture frame?)!

This is the left side of the family room. The secretary desk matches the armoir (it is also from Ikea). The table was made by Adam's grandfather (great grandfather?) on his mother's side. It has two leafs (leaves? -my spell checker seems to think "leafs" is OK) which fold up. We can sit about 4 people around it.

The flowers are totally fake (Wal-Mart). But they make me feel happy inside because they're so "fall-ish" and I love fall! The chair (and it's mate at my desk) was a freebie from my friend Crystal. The quilt on the chair was made by my "granny" for my graduation. Underneath that is a super-warm fleece blanket Adam's mom made him. We call is "Canada" because it has the Canadian maple leaf all over it. It's not a very creative name, but at least it's appropriate.

The metal folding chairs are being lent to us from the Church (because we don't have enough chairs). The secretary desk is my desk. It's where I can while away the hours on the internet. I love it because I can just close it and hide the mess (one of the reasons I also love Adam's desk). On top is a lamp I've had since high school. It doesn't really go in the room, but our budget is limited to it'll do. The picture frame is actually a photo album my sister gave me for our wedding. And the little pewter tray to the right was a wedding gift from an old neighbor. It was hand crafted in Lancaster County (so, perhaps by an Amish craftsman) and pictures a farmer harvesting wheat with the phrase "Give us this day our daily bread."

So, there you have it. I wouldn't say the room is done (is a room ever really done?). But it's nice. The walls are bare for now. But I've got big plans to plaster them with pictures. I just have to be able to buy the frames first (I've got my eyes on some really nice ones at Wal-Mart of all places). I might also hang a print of this painting (scroll down a little after clicking the link). And I might also put up some home made removable decals (perhaps a bird, and/or a tree - because how cool would it be to hang family pictures on a big tree...get it? A family tree!). At any rate it's finally presentable. And it finally feels like home.

*Yes...that's right. I only have pictures of the family room. Why? Because it's the only room that's even remotely done. We're slowly making progress and I do intend to continue posting pictures room by room. So you'll just have to be patient. If you want to speed up the process you're more than welcome to come help the poor pregnant lady who can barely bend over get things picked up and organized.

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cwalburg said...

I was surprised and pleased to see your house clean. It looks great!!

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