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Wednesday, September 24

I'm In Love!

Chrysler has revealed 3 new prototypes for electric vehicles. One of them has won my heart. Really. It is a dream realized. I can only pray that it will someday get past the prototype stage and hit the market (and I can only pray it will actually be affordable-hah! yeah right...) because I would weep with joy if I could ever have one.

But what about my beloved Angmar (yes my car has a funny name)? I still love Angmar! He's a very good car. Station wagons are pretty much the ultimate cars. But someday I'll have more family to fit into my vehicle. And someday Angmar will die. Hopefully it won't be for a long time. But when that day does come I will dream of owning...

...an electric MINIVAN!!!! That's right...a minivan that can drive 40 miles without a single drop of gasoline...and 400 MILES with only 8 gallons of gasoline!

Does the fact that I'm drooling over a thoroughly "Mom-ish" vehicle signal the end of my young and cool days? Maybe. Does the fact that I'm drooling over an electric vehicle signal that I am truly more hippy than not? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. Just give me one of those minivans and you can call me as "hippy-dippy-dorky-mom-ish" as much as you want. Heck...I'll wear the label on a t-shirt if it means I can drive one of those babies.

In other news: According to some sources I have officially entered the third trimester. Seeing as today is exactly three months to my due date I tend to agree with those sources. The countdown is on!

2 Stubborn Stains:

Kamity said...

No, it does not make you a hippy, because I am not a hippy, and I am excited for electric minivans too! =p:: (Okay, I will be 10000000x more excited for hydrogen-powered vehicles. Electric cars are overrated - you've still need the electricity!)

Holly said...

Did you know that the new Chevy volt is going to have an optional solar panel to offset the plug in electric?

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