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Wednesday, September 3

Holly Shumate: International Sensation

So I added a little applet that shows where my readers are (see bottom of page). While I'd like my map to be plastered with more little stars I must say I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. I've gotten visitors from Mexico, Australia, and even Egypt! And of course I've also gotten readers from Canada and the US. But can you blame me for thinking an audience in Cairo is more exciting?

Also, I'm trying out the new Google browser, Chrome. It is still in Beta so there are bugs here and there. I wouldn't recommend most of my friends and family download it just yet (unless you're interested in reporting the occasional bugs, which Google makes very easy, in order to help them work out the kinks). But once this baby is finished up I may just permanently convert from Firefox. Considering my love and devotion to the browser that's a pretty big deal. Of course, anything is better than Internet Explorer. You gotta love well designed (free) software!

2 Stubborn Stains:

cwalburger said...

I tried to find your map, but it wasn't on your blog anywhere! WHere did you get the map?

Holly said...

It should be right at the very bottom.

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