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Wednesday, September 10

Hello World

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Lund, Sweden
Bangkok, Thailand
to the list of places which have been exposed to this blog!

No word on whether the inhabitants of those cities think I'm as interesting and hilarious as I think I am.

If I ever manage to get a reader from each and every continent I think I'll have to make a cake in celebration. Maybe I'll do a recreation of the nightmare which was this art project* (yummiest waste of time ever). Or maybe I'll do something simpler seeing as I'd rather consume one of these cakes than be forced to recreate that monstrosity.

So far I've gotten the following continents:
North America,

I still need South America, Africa, and Antarctica (which will be a tough one unless some scientists or penguins take a sudden interest in my life).

*Yes, I know there's a big chunk missing from the cake. It's on purpose. It was supposed to be meaningful. Of course, the meaning I was going for was not "this project deserves a D." C 'est la vie.

2 Stubborn Stains:

Sara said...

Hi Holly, this is cody'smomma from MDC and your DDC. I just wanted to say that I checked out that cake site and I was CRACKING up! I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. My three-year-old was laughing right along with me even though he had no idea what for. Thanks!

Holly said...

Glad I could brighten your day with a link. I've pretty much reached the end of the internet so I know where all the good sites are! ;)

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