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Tuesday, October 6

Disorganized Thoughts

I’ve been feeling like my brain is broken lately. I’m swamped with Coffee clients (and even had to turn a potential client down). I’ve been trying to get some things around the house taken care of. I’ve had a lot of errands to run. I’ve been trying to get some holiday projects and shopping done early. I’ve also got Mama Note’s Body After Baby challenge going on. And I’ve been combating my ADD and the blues for a little while which definitely makes even the little things much more difficult.

I did so-so on the Body After Baby mini-challenge to drink water. I definitely started strong. But I haven’t done a single minute of exercise thus far. I’ve been stretched so thin lately between my blogs and my graphic design projects that fitness has been left by the wayside. I’m not sure how much that bothers me. Something’s got to give and maybe this should be that something. However I don’t want to be completely inactive. I want to at least be training for my running goals.

I’ve got a lot of clients right now, which is great but stressful. I have a pro-bono client that I really want to work on to return a big favor she did for me last year. But my paying clients obviously take the priority, especially since some are in a bit of a time crunch. I also have a few of my own projects I’d like to work on and can’t right now. Plus I’m always unsure if my prices are fair {to me}. I like being affordable because I know a lot of my clients are SAHMs like me and can’t afford to spend a small fortune on graphic design. But, depending on the project my wages are as low as a dollar an hour. So yeah, it’s a bit frustrating at times.

I have one more post about bullying I’d like to write. And I’ve got a list of posts I want to write for my other blog. Plus NaNoWriMo is coming up and I know that is going to take a lot of my free time. I also have some reading I’d like to do. And of course there’s a long list of random to-do items that need to be taken care of {e.g. open a RESP account for Lucy, return some borrowed items, sort out all the clothes Lucy has outgrown, etc.}. With so much to keep track of I think even if I didn’t have ADD I’d feel overwhelmed. But I do have ADD and it’s been bad lately. I feel like I’m in such a fog. I’ve started taking fish oil supplements again because the Omega 3’s are supposed to help. But I don’t know if it’s enough. I may have to ask the doctor about using antidepressants {which can be used to treat ADD} since I can’t take the normal ADHD meds while breastfeeding.

I’m also considering shutting down Coffee for the duration of NaNoWriMo, or maybe for the month of December. But I can’t decide if I want to do that. I’ve even considered retiring this blog but I know I would regret that in about 24 hours. If I were rich I’d just hire a personal assistant/maid. Yeah, that would be perfect.

Anyway…that’s just some random stuff I wanted to put out there.


8 Stubborn Stains:

Kamity said...

If only we all lived together, eh?

I'm still working on that transporter. I'll let you know when it's finished. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just remember to do what is in the best interest for you and your family. <3 Hang in there!!!! Not sure what good I may be - but if you need any thing from me whatsoever, please let me know! [hugs]

Anonymous said...

As said probono client...if it's too much Holly, don't feel you have a deadline and if you would be less stressed without doing it at all, that's okay too. I know how hard it is to find balance...jobs, kids, husband, school and extracurricular activites have a tendency to get away from you. I still love you now matter what you decide...

Gina said...

Hi, I just started following your blog recently. I skimmed around but haven not read everything. I have two kids, ADD, and a bunch of odd jobs too. I need to learn to be more organized so I have that to fall back on when the ADD is bad.

But... getting organized seems impossible from where I am now. I don't take meds either. Never have though. I hope you don't retire this blog. I will follow any others you have too once I figure out what they are.

That's all I can think to say right now as my chaotic life is calling me to do ten million things as well.

Thanks for your words.

Harmony said...

My best advice is to try to make a schedule, if coffee is going to be 'work' for you make a schedule do you want to do it full time/part time what are your hours. Set the hours you want to work and only work those hours, so only take in as much work as you can do in that time. And now that you have been doing it a little while maybe re-evaluate your pricing if you have so much work coming it you can't keep up with it raising your prices a little should take care of that problem and help with the cost at the same time.

Good Luck!

Valerie said...

I think Harmony's suggestion is a good one--if you're getting steady business, perhaps it's time to raise your prices a bit. You're worth it!

I LOVE that you're also going to fit NaNo in there somewhere. Isn't that just the spirit of the thing? We should be NaNo friends. =)

Mostly though, just make sure that you take care of yourself. I know how that full plate feels, but always put yourself and your family first!

Take care.

Crystal HW said...

sounds like life is very stressful!

Atleast you were able to increase your water intake.

Domestically Challenged said...

I soooooo hear ya about the out of control ADD and baby blues! I am right there with you!

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