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Tuesday, October 13

Happiness is The Beatles Rock Band

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my love for the boys from Liverpool on this blog. Let’s just say that while my daughter might not be named after one of their songs on purpose, I certainly love the connection.* And when I tell you that the whole family will be dressing as Beatle’s songs for Halloween {pictures to come}, and that I did a Beatles piece in my studio art class, and that I’ll be doing much more Beatles art {as soon as Mini-Dork gives me a chance to paint}, and that one of my prized possessions is the White Album {on vinyl ya’ll!}, and that I sang a Beatles song while I was in labor then it should come as no surprise that I was completely freaking out over the release of The Beatles Rock Band! I don’t know if Adam could have convinced me to get a Wii, as cool as they are, were it not for that game. We pre-ordered our copy. And then I waited. It’s a miracle I didn’t die in pure, musical ecstasy once it arrived. Had I died all I would have asked is that Blackbird be played at my funeral, and maybe Let It Be, and Across the Universe, and…hell, just play the entire discography, OK?

But this post isn’t about how much I love The Beatles. It’s about how much I love the opening cinematic for the game. How many times have I watched it? Um…a few? {And by “a few” I mean “too many times to be considered healthy.} The art director responsible for this cinematic has my undying love and devotion. Pure. simple. genius.

And the game itself is not bad either. ;)


*Actually, both the girl names {Eleanor and Lucy} we had picked out in pregnancy just happened to be from the title of Beatle’s songs, and our boy pick was Harrison. Pure coincidence. Pure, AWESOME coincidence.

3 Stubborn Stains:

Nicole said...

That's awesome! What song were you singing during labor?

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Blackbird. It's my favorite Beatles song. And my BIL was playing it for me on a guitar he made. It was awesome.

Ben said...

We also pre-ordered. Never been a big Beatles fan though (Erin is a different story). I typically have to play something really loud and fast on Rock Band 2 afterward to "cleanse my palate."

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