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Friday, October 16


ETA 2: Nic has responded. You can read her apology her.

ETA: Someone privately shared this link with me. It's the video the TSA released of the event. At this time I'm not sure what I'd like to say about it. I'm feeling disappointed and a little betrayed for sure. But I'm waiting to give Nic time to reply to this before I say anything more. Comments on this post are closed for now.

Today I read this post on the blog My Bottles Up. It’s upsetting to read, and will probably make your blood boil, but please go read it. Go read it now then come back here. I don’t mind waiting. And please, if you’re in the habit of commenting on blog posts, leave some support for Nic. She was treated horribly by the TSA agents, who violated their own policies.

The TSA website says:

TSA policy children

It’s a great policy. Having just travelled with Lucy this past August I can tell you it’s stressful enough travelling with a baby or child without the fear of them being taken out of your sight. But a policy is only worthwhile when it’s followed. These TSA Agents ignored their own policy, ignored common sense, and ignored the desperate pleas of a mother and her son leading to her panic attack.

I can’t be sure how I would have reacted in that situation. I would have probably bawled, and probably missed my flight because I would have been too busy angrily yelling at talking to a supervisor. I don’t care if its for 10 minutes or 10 hours. Nobody has the right to take a child from their parent without permission like that. I hope word of this spreads. I hope those agents get a serious dressing down and retrained. And the TSA better apologize profusely to Nic.


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