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Wednesday, October 7


I’ve come to some decisions regarding my life and some things I’ve been thinking about. And here’s what I’ve decided:

I need to simplify my life. It’s time to:

1. Identify what’s most important to [me].
2. Eliminate everything else. {from Zen Habits}

And I’m starting by dropping out of Body After Baby. Samantha put together a really great program for support and accountability (and prizes too!) but right now I want to focus on

  1. Time with my family.
  2. My writing.
  3. Time for art {and crafts}.
  4. My blogs.

That means I’m also closing Coffee {for now}. Anyone who is currently a client, or has already contacted me about a project needn’t worry. They’ll still be taken care of. But at least until NaNoWriMo is over I won’t be taking any new clients. I may still post pre-made graphics as well as freebies. And I’ve got some neat ideas for some Christmas products that I’ll get to if I have time.

I love blogging far too much to shut down my sites. But you may notice that posting seems slightly more sporadic. I still aim to post every day {or close to every day}. But I’ve been wanting to post more often on my other blog and find that it’s difficult to post daily here and still have time to write high quality content there. So on days I post there I may or may not post here. If you need your “Holly fix” and I haven’t posted on Domestic Dork then check out my other site {but, as way of warning, the other site is much snarkier}.

I’m feeling really good about these decisions. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m really looking forward to NaNoWriMo, especially now that I know I won’t have Body After Baby and Coffee pulling my attention away from my writing. Thank you for your advice and support. I love you guys. Really, I do. I would write for my blogs even if I had zero readers because, well…I love to hear {or read} myself talk. But you make it a million times more fun, and you make it more challenging because I’m determined to give you worthwhile content. So, again, thank you.


12 Stubborn Stains:

Patty Reiser said...

I applaud you for taking this step in your life. I recently decided to change my focus and pursue what makes me the happiest. Wishing you all the best!
Have a picture perfect day!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Too many of us over extend ourselves. Kudos to you for scaling back and putting you and your family first.
P.S. I voted for you hubby's T-shirt design. Too funny. I want one for my computer programing, PC gaming, computer building nerdy husband!

Mandi - @AWelbaum said...

You need time for you, and that's totally understandable. Enjoy your family, you only get these moments once :)

KK said...

Good for you.

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea. I feel like I am spread very thin and rather than getting some things accomplished I'm actually getting nothing done.

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! {clapping} I'm really glad that you were able to come up with something that works well for you and your adorable Dork family. :)

Amber Page Writes said...

Good luck. Re-prioritizing is so refreshing sometimes, isn't it? Your other blog is pretty powerful - just checked it out. Go you!

Crystal HW said...

Way to go Holly! It is not an easy thing to simplify your life. It is alywas nice to feel like you are not being pulled in a million directions. :)

pamela said...

that is great that you are doing whats best for you Holly. Thats always the way to go.

sarah said...

Good for you. Step back. Relax. Take care of yourself and your family.

Just Add Walter said...

just ran across your blog today and wanted to say hi! I love the name of your blog and definitely agree sometimes its nice to take a step back and deal with "life"!

sarah said...

PS. I'm an official follower of your blog now and would <3 if you'd follow mine as well :)

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