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Tuesday, March 23

Ohio, The Heart of it All!

“Ohio, the heart of it all” is a state slogan. Ohio is often called the heart of the midwest {it is rather heart-shaped}. Well, it’s definitely where my heart is because it’s where my family lives. Earlier this month Lucy and I took a little trip to surprise my mom for her birthday.
Boy, was she surprised!
My step-dad told her he had to drop a friend off at the airport so he could come pick us up. When he got home he told her “you’ll never guess who I ran into at the airport!” Then he called out “come on in!” And in I walked, Lucy in my arms. I think it took my mom a minute to register what she was seeing. But she seemed thrilled. It was awesome! Best. surprise. ever.
It took Lucy a while to warm up to Grandma {and she never quite fully got over her fear of Grandpa} but I think she enjoyed herself. She certainly enjoyed harassing the dogs and cat.
The cat has been spotted!!!

Run kitty! RUN!
Awww…nice kitty!
Both Grandma and I were amazed at how tolerant my cat, Elly, was of Lucy’s shenanigans. But eventually she got fed up and would skeedaddle or get upset whenever Lucy came near. Dodger, the biggest and oldest of my parents three dogs was downright afraid of Lucy {even though he’s twice her size}. Katie, the youngest and smallest was excited about Lucy. And Harrigan, who is normally fairly aloof, absolutely adored her. He’d come running if she cried, he’d cover her in puppy kisses, follow her around. It was adorable.
Have you ever been surprised by how an animal reacts to your child? Tell me about it in the comments!

5 Stubborn Stains:

imemary said...

Lucy is so cute, doing what looks like a so-mo run.

imemary said...

edit: slow-mo. How did I leave out two letters?

Sarah @ barefaced approach said...

Oh yes I have! Kiko, our 15 lb cat, lets her use and abuse him. Meanwhile, if Mike or I tired to do that he would seek revenge. And Alvin, a mere 4 lbs.. not even, and Sophia fight like siblings. They tattle on each other and snip at one another. It's ridiculous. HAHA

So glad the visit went well. Lucy looks like she is getting to be soo big! :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

So cute, what a great surprise.
My biggest dog & newest adoptee, a boxer mix, is the sweetest of all of our dogs. She lets the kids use her as a pillow, and is so sweet and gentle with the little dogs. We love her!

KK said...

I love surprises like that!

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