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Monday, February 9

Adam, The Mighty Hunter

Let it be know that my husband is, as I type, out stalking the mighty "electronic mammoth."

Remember this post?

Adam is out seeking a suitable replacement for my sorry excuse for a computer (which gets slower and slower every day and I swear freezes just to make my life miserable). And by "suitable" I mean "as cheap as possible."

We wanted to wait as long as we could before replacing the thing because, well, we don't like spending money. But Fidel (yes, my computer is named Fidel*) has sapped our patience. I waste so much time dealing with his sluggishness, random crashes, and physical shortcomings that simple tasks (such as posting pictures of Lucy, surfing the web, etc.) which should only take a couple of minutes take far too much of my precious time. Not to mention I can't actually use my computer at my desk because of the situation with the broken screen. Plus we bought Fidel used, so he wasn't exactly up to date to begin with. Adam wants me to be able to play certain multi-player games with him during his free time, games that refuse to even install on my computer because I don't meet the minimum system requirements. And since we're able to get a *new* computer for less than we spent buying this used one we've conceded defeat.

So, Adam phoned around town asking about specs and prices. Unfortunately it's not as easy to find a cheap computer in Canada as it is in the US. I would just have Adam build me a desktop (to save $$$) and forgo the portability of a laptop except that the shipping Adam would be charged getting the various components to Canada would make a desktop equally pricey if not more so (and, according to Adam's research, the in store desktops are no cheaper than the laptops).

Now I've just got to figure out what to do with Fidel after I transfer all my files, try to sell him for an insanely cheap price (i.e. $10-$20)? Scrap him and sell the parts? Give him away? I don't know. I've already got a bunch of items we no longer need that I plan on posting for sale on the local swap group so it wouldn't be too much trouble to post Fidel as well...but seriously, who would buy him?

Anyway, provided Adam returns home victorious then by this time tomorrow I'll be blogging on a new computer...who, I might add, will need a name.

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*I named it Fidel hoping that since Fidel (Castro) seems to be defying death than maybe my computer might defy it and live forever as well...I was wrong.

2 Stubborn Stains:

CrystalHW said...

So yours finally drove you nuts, eh? I am hoping to get a new laptop this summer. Did Adam check Tigerdirect.ca for stuff? My dad built his own computer using this site, and you can also get good deals on already assembled computers as well.

Anonymous said...

You should give your next computer a really strong name, like Thor or Zeus. Then it will know what you expect from it!

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