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Sunday, February 15

Lucy's Room

Remember what a mess our place was before the landlords fixed it up? Remember how I promised "after" photos? Sorry it's been so long in coming, but here are some pictures of Lucy's room. It wasn't quite ready when she arrived 10 days early and then we were busy taking care of her. It wasn't photo ready until today.

View from the door. The walls are actually a minty green in reality, not nearly as nice as the photos make them look.

The blank wall. Eventually we'll put a toddler bed against this wall but for now Lucy sleeps in our room.

The pictures on the far wall. Babies love high contrast.

The changing area. The dresser is from Ikea. We've had it for a while.

Close up of the mobile (same picture cards as in the frames on the wall). Lucy likes to look at this while we change her (unless she's got her eyes closed because she's crying).

The closet, and wall organizer (which isn't very organized right now). The big black bin is for dirty cloth diapers, the little black bin is for trash.

Inside of the closet. We got a hanging bar cheap at Wal-Mart.

One of the many decals. There are also decals above the closet, around the window, and on the door.

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6 Stubborn Stains:

JackJen said...

I love that dresser from IKEA. I've loved it for a LONG LONG time, and I'm glad to see that someone is using it!! I love the feel of the drawers going in and out....not many can move that smoothly!

Holly Noelle said...

We have bedside tables from the same line (Hemnes). We've had some problems with the drawers in the past, but yes, usually they move quite smoothly.

Jason, Ginny and Oliver said...

Sooo cute! We have the same IKEA dresser in black, it is a good one.

The Masked Mommy said...

So Cute! You did a great job! I heart wall decals <3

elizabeth.bogumil said...

Lucy's room is wonderful! you and adam did a great job.

may i ask where you got the cards you used for the picture frames and mobile...im redecorating myself and they are very cute. my email is elizabeth dot bogumil at gmail dot com or we're friends on facebook.

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

The decals and pictures are by Wee Gallery: http://www.weegallery.com/indexus.html

I <3 their products!

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