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Tuesday, February 24


While some people may have taken vows to not complain about winter weather I have not. So here I go with the complaining:



I've been going a little stir crazy. The weather had warmed up just enough that thinking of going for a walk wouldn't get one committed. The snow had melted just enough that going for a walk would be feasible.

But I had no stroller.

And my baby sling was the wrong size.

And while the ground was less snowy/icy it was not such that I felt comfortable just carrying Lucy around in case I slipped.

So we got a stroller.

Last night we got a stroller (with bucket seat!) for $150 (oh how I love clearance)! See, the stroller cost $50 bucks. But the stroller is not approved for babies of Lucy's size unless you have a compatible bucket car seat to snap onto it. So we got the car seat.

All in all this was a good thing! We were really not happy with the car seat we had previously purchased (don't get me wrong...3-in-1 seats are great...but not in the middle of winter with a newborn who does not like being unbundled to be buckled up). And the price was definitely right (I had checked for used strollers but found no good deals). The only problem (albeit a tiny, shallow one) is that the stroller (which was one clearance) does not match the car seat (which was not on clearance). But I'd rather have the extra $50 than a matching travel system.

Anyway...getting back on track...

Here is where the "harumph" comes into play. Adam got the stroller built and ready to go last night. I went to bed looking forward to going for a nice long walk with Lucy. I woke up excited for the walk.

Unfortunately I also woke up to a fresh, deep blanket of snow. The kind of snowfall that precludes going for a walk unless your stroller has 12 inch wheels and four wheel drive.

So I'll say it one more time.


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2 Stubborn Stains:

CrystalHW said...

Oh Holly! That would definetly be upsetting! Well, maybe you and I can plan to go for a walk on Saturday...I have a double bike trailer/stroller with huge wheels, so we can go for a walk without getting stuck...(newborn)carseats even fit into it, and still leave room for Sam! :)

Samantha said...

Oh, I'm sorry! That would be so hard being stuck inside! I love the snow though but it can be frustrating with you want to get OUT!

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