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Thursday, February 26

Big Brother Is Watching You

And by "Big Brother" I mean "me." I've been watching you, my dear readers. And here is a sampling of what I've learned...

  • Most of you are using Firefox to browse the internet (though a few need to update to the latest version). Internet Explorer is the second most popular browser (which begs the question: why aren't you using Firefox yet?). And a handful of you use other browsers (such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.).
  • Some of you have found me via Google searches for terms like "peter pan from the perspective of tinkerbell," "menggu grill," and even "trouser coughs at home" (I don't know what you were trying to find with that last one).
  • Most of your are in the United States (though I do have some international dust bunnies).
  • My "Works For Me Wednesday" post seems to be the most popular post lately. "Hands Off" comes in second place. I guess the posts I think are funny may not be so funny after all.
  • 17.6% of the time you spend longer than an hour reading my blog. But then...59.7% of the visits to this blog are less than 5 seconds long (depressing.) Not that those of you spending that little here will ever read far enough into this post to know I'm talking to you.
  • 216 of you have your screen resolution set to 1280 x 1024.
  • Most of you use Windows (like me). Some are using archaic versions of Windows, but Windows nonetheless. One of you is geeky enough to be using Linux. And for your geekiness I commend you.
  • I even know your IP addresses and internet providers (seems a lot of you like Comcast).
  • Some of you are reading my blog when you're supposed to be studying and some of you are reading while you're at work. Tsk tsk tsk (ignore the "tsking," keep reading)!
Don't worry, I don't know anything dangerous or embarrassing like credit card numbers, or that one of you is spending an awful lot of time on another site at www.ihaveacrushonmymotherinlaw.com). Or do I?

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9 Stubborn Stains:

chibi-brooke said...

Ha ha ha. I think the only reason why your "Hands Off" post is popular is because that's what FireFox kept defaulting to for some reason when I start typing "dom" in my address bar. It also tried sending me to a place other than "hotmail.com" when I start typing it in, too. Firefox, you think you're helpful, but you're not.

I probably visit you most often because I'm bored. =p Your stats are probably skewed if it looks at multiple hits from the same place. And for the record, I HATE COMCAST. But it's better than Qwest and I wish we had MStar fiber optic here. If they go bankrupt, I will cry. Fiber optic is the Internet of the future, and I would support the idea of the government subsidizing a national fiber optic network. (Broadband?! Are you kidding me?!) ..... ahhh .... *starry eyes*

Anywho. Bed time. And I think I figured out what I'm going to do cloth diapering-wise. Go me!

Samantha said...

haha! do you use sitememter? That's what I use.... interesting stuff we can find out, huh?!

Holly Noelle said...

Hey congrats! I look forward to hearing what you decided!

And Yes, Samantha, I use sitemeter. It's just another way to fuel my obsession with my own blog. lol

Valerie said...

I am a complete stranger who uses Firefox on my Mac at home but IE on the PC at WORK (where I do most of my blog reading). Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog! =)

imemary said...

Whoa. Stalker.

CrystalHW said...

WOW! I had no idea you could grab that much info about us, but I shouldn't be suprised. Comcast is a great service provider in the states. If it was in Canada, I would seriously consider switching to it.

Holly Noelle said...

Yeah...makes me wonder what someone with a vested interest could figure out and what they'd do with that information.

The Masked Mommy said...

Hmmmmm.... makes me wonder how "secret" my "secret identity" really is. Are you clever enough to find my personal blog? Could you find me on facebook? What will I do if my true identity surfaces??? ;-)

Holly Noelle said...

Hmmm...I don't think I'm tech enough for that. But the challenge is intriguing.

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