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Wednesday, February 25

Works For Me Wednesday


An allowance doesn't just have to be for kids. Adam and I each receive a monthly allowance. We're free to spend it on anything we want. We can save up for big purchases or fritter it away on little splurges. Why do we get an allowance? Because having money that is "mine" instead of "ours" allows us a little freedom. Our allowance is small (because our income is small). But we can use it to buy things just for one of us without the other feeling resentful that "our" money is being used for a purchase that is not also "ours." It also gives special meaning to gift giving. When I use "my" money to make a purchase just for Adam rather than "our" money then I have given of myself. Finally, having an allowance keeps fun spending under control by having a set budget and by having the freedom to make small fun purchases so that we don't go crazy by from never spending any money on wants. When there's no freedom in the budget one often busts the budget completely from too much restriction. It works for us!

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saverchic said...

Nice idea! That way you can keep track of your splurges too. :-) Thanks for sharing!

Katie @ http://www.saverchic.com/

CrystalHW said...

I like that idea! It might just work for Rob and his habits too.

lynn @ queenofthecastlerecipes said...

I love it! What a great idea. I have my Starbucks money each month, but I never thought of it as an allowance. That's exactly what it is, though -- money I get to spend, no questions asked :) Thanks for the neat way of looking at it.

Audra Krell said...

I really like the idea of using your money for a gift for your man. That is beautiful and that much more meaningful.

Rachel and Dennis said...

Such a cute idea! I always feel bad when I buy something just for myself so I usually buy something for Dennis too and it adds up quickly that way. It's good to see a website with some budget tips...I'm always looking for good ideas that keep costs down.

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