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Thursday, May 21

Why I Don't Mind Paying Taxes

My mother taught me that importance of paying taxes. I grew up with an understanding that if I wanted police officers, roads to drive on, public schools, health care (in Canada anyway), and so on then taxes I must pay. I'm cool with that. And one of the things that my tax dollars go to, one of the things I love most in the whole world, is the public library.

And our public library has a Wii.*

Here we are playing rock band. Bear is doing vocals (with Lucy's help) while I "rock out" on the drums.

That is some intense concentration going on in that picture.

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*Why yes, you should be incredibly jealous.

1 Stubborn Stains:

CrystalHW said...

I too love that about our library. It is a fun game to play.

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