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Sunday, May 24


If you're wise you check you receipt before leaving a store to ensure everything rang up correctly. And then, if there was an error, you make sure to get the difference refunded, right? Well that's not all you should be doing. If something rings up at the wrong price ask for it free under SCOP.

Yes. I said free.

If a store participates in the Scanning Code of Practice and you ask for them to honor the SCOP you get the first item that scanned incorrectly for free (if under $10) or you get a discount ($10).

Today we got free tabbed dividers (you know, the things you put in three ring binders). And it is ridiculous how giddy that makes me feel.

But, bad news for you US readers. I'm pretty sure this is a Canadian thing.

Have you ever gotten a SCOP item before? And how do you pronounce SCOP?

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1 Stubborn Stains:

CrystalHW said...

I have gotten a free case of tomato soup before. It was on special and they rang it in as 12 cans instead of the case.

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