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Tuesday, June 17

A Very Short Post About Going Swimming (for lack of a better title)

We went to the Medicine Hat Family Leisure Centre to go swimming tonight. We had been wanting to check it out for quite some time. Click the link to see more pictures (and a virtual tour) on the official website. It was pretty nice! The wave pool is really relaxing. And it turns out Tuesday is the best day to go because admission is discounted. There were not too many people (I assume because it was a weekday) so it wasn't too crowded. There were a lot of very cute babies though! We're looking forward to taking our little one once he or she is big enough (and no longer confined within the womb). The only downsides were not being able to use the hot tub (it's a pregnancy thing), and having to pay 25 cents to use a locker. I like places that provide free lockers (like Ikea). In addition to the wave pool and hot tub there is a lap pool (where they also do aquasize), a small lazy river, a kiddie pool, a steam room, and a big water slide that runs outside the building and then back in. The outside of the building has a fake lighthouse, and the snack stand inside looks like a steam boat. I've never seen a pool so well decorated. Though I would like a word with whoever sculpted the pelicans hanging from the ceiling...

2 Stubborn Stains:

cwalburger said...

It definetly looks like a great place to go swimming. We haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

Holly said...

It was fun but I had serious itching issues for over 24 hours after the fact! Seriously...I can't think of what could have caused it other than maybe the chlorine or something. But I was miserably itchy!

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