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Monday, June 9

Garden Update

We stopped by the townhouse last night to check on the garden. Each time we had planned to go the past week or so it rained so there was no need to go water the plants. Our fears that the garden will be too shady received some extra strength when we saw how much the tree overhanging our plot had filled in. All that green pretty much covers the whole garden. The other pictures I'm posting look like they were taken after sundown (they weren't). Part of that was a flash issue, but the rest is due to how shady the garden is. Hopefully things will still produce well. They got a good start (before the tree got all leafy), so here's hoping!
Here's the whole garden. The plants on the far end seem to be getting a little bit more sun than the rest of them...though I think out tomato may be hopeless. It's growing all right. I just don't know that we'll get any tomatoes off it. Here's a picture (turned on its side) of one of our broccoli plants. Nowhere near ready to harvest, but exciting progress nonetheless. We were able to harvest some baby spinach though! We'll be having it in a mixed salad tonight. Someone else has been munching on our plants too...need to look up a safe, natural way to keep my plants safe!

1 Stubborn Stains:

cwalburger said...

Considering how hot it gets here during the summers usually, the shade will probabaly help the garden! My sister-in-law says that it is nto uncommon to get up to 40C here during the summer months.

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