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Monday, June 23

More News From the North

Well...we returned the keyboard. The lady wasn't very nice about the situation. She would only give us part of our money back. I'm aware that garage sale items aren't always going to be in perfect condition but this was different. She let us know that the speakers didn't work but not that half the features didn't work. So not only did she not disclose how broken it actually was (she says she didn't know) she didn't mark it "as is" or anything either. It's one thing to not check your items before you sell them...it's a totally different thing to refuse to refund someone because you were too lazy to see if the thing worked. If it had been a $5 or maybe even $10 item we probably would have just let it go. But to us $35 is a lot of money. She kept $10 dollars of our money and treated Adam like he was an idiot for expecting to get a functioning keyboard. Maybe if she hadn't acted like the speakers were the only broken thing...maybe if she had let us know she wasn't sure if it was working or not than it would be different. Then she complained to Adam because we brought it back the day after...well that's her fault! We brought it back right away on the same day when Adam discovered it wasn't working but she had left the garage sale and taken all the cash with her so her friend still there couldn't refund us and we had to drive across town (AGAIN) the next day. I would never sell an item if I didn't check it first...or I would at least mark it "as is" and either sell it ridiculously cheap or give it away free. We've had two garage sales since we got married and if anyone had ever wanted to return something we would have gladly refunded them. In fact I recall even letting someone know when they bought something from us that it was working last time we checked but if they got it home and had problems with it to bring it back! Obviously this lady had some idea that she was in the wrong or she wouldn't have even given us a partial refund. I think she was just being difficult and didn't want to admit her mistake, or maybe she just cared more about a few bucks than doing the right thing. Plus she rude to Adam on top of all that.

Tomorrow morning Adam and I are going to my second prenatal appointment. We should finally get to hear the heartbeat!!! It'll still be another month or so before the ultrasound (so feel free to submit your guess on gender - see the poll on the right side of the page). I'm anxious to hear the heartbeat and know everything is OK. I keep having horrible, vivid nightmares about things going wrong so it'll be nice to have confirmation that I'm just crazy. :)

I tried out the lipstick I won. Unlike the eye shadows it's actually a very nice, subtle color. Adam says it's his favorite of all the lipsticks he's ever seen me wear (which believe me isn't many).

Last but not least...check out this great video:

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