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Tuesday, June 10

Fun On A Monday Night

Adam and I stopped for ice cream after running some errands last night and rather than eat the ice cream in the car we went for a walk. We went down to a park near the river. Here are the photos from our mini-adventure.
Oh no! The Canadians are invading!
But the Americans are fighting back! Just FYI that's a WWII tank we're sitting on. If you climb up on top you can actually peek inside (though you can't see much). The park also has a train engine and train car.Here's a shot of the Saskatchewan River. And I'll have you know that I spelled Saskatchewan right on my first try! The river was really moving! We've had quite a bit of rain lately so it's not surprising.Here we are being the King and Queen on Medicine Hat's giant chess board. The pieces had already been put away for the night. Might be hard to play chess with just the King and Queen but come winter we'll at least have a pawn to add to the game!
Here's the highly appropriate flower garden in front of the chess board. The tables around the board have normal size chess boards on them. This is right between the library and the court house. I found it amusing that there were two law offices across the street. Talk about the perfect location for your business!This little guy went unnoticed until we had been home for a while. These caterpillars were all over the place at the park. He must have dropped out of a tree right on to Adam.
Below are just a couple of shots that show my growing belly. I started showing pretty early for a first time mom. But I think I'm still at the stage where others aren't sure if I'm fat or pregnant so they don't say anything. I'm looking forward to getting past that stage. But if strangers try touching my belly without asking I'm seriously going to rub their bellies right back! Pregnant ladies are NOT public property. Actually I saw a funny shirt online about belly rubs being $5. And I picked up a onesie a while ago at Target that says "Photo With Baby 5¢." Ha-ha!

3 Stubborn Stains:

Ella White said...

You look so cute and glowing when you are pregnant! I miss you guys a ton!

cwalburger said...

is that police point park? Looks like you are enjoying your time her in Medicine Hat.

Holly said...

I'm not sure what park it is...it's by the river.

We're trying anyway! Adam works 50+ hours a week so usually we just sit at home and watch old episodes of Star Trek. :)

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