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Friday, June 20

A Bunch of Little Tidbits (too small for seperate posts)

I've been plagiarized! That's right...apparently my writing is good enough to steal. Someone copied part of my FYI post word for word. While kind of annoyed I'm also flattered in a way. I contacted this person to clear up what I'm sure is just a misunderstanding and am waiting to hear back.

I don't think the house is going to be completely finished by the move in date...even though the contract is signed and we're anxious to get out of the current place! If that's the case we'll live...but I'm not paying full rent if I only get half my house! :)

I met a lady online who lives here in Medicine Hat and is named...(this one's for you, Mom) Darcey! It's not spelled the way I like it, but close enough.

We got our Alberta Health Care cards! Woo-hoo!

My next Dr.'s appointment is Tuesday morning.

I actually won something! I entered a drawing and won some free Clinique make-up. It will probably have a bunch of carcinogenic ingredients but at least they don't test on animals.

I currently have a fuzzy white purring thing sitting on my arm...which makes typing difficult to say the least. (Okay...Adam just came home so she's off to say hello.)

I have discovered MSG in my salad dressing...no more ranch dressing for me unless it's home made!

We are going to a Church BBQ tonight! Hooray! I really need to get to know people better so I can make some friends!

That's all!
For now!

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