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Saturday, June 21

My Prized Prize Isn't Very Prizeworthy...

So I went to Sears today to claim my Clinique prize. I was told I would get several eye shadows, a lipstick, and some make-up remover. I got all that except that when they said make-up remover they meant "the smallest possible trial sized foundation in the world." I mistakenly thought I would get to, oh, I dunno, pick my own colors or something...no such luck. They gave me the ugliest blue eye shadow (which I told them to keep), a bright green eye shadow (which I also told them to keep but the lady insisted and I didn't feel like making uneccesary drama), and a pink eye shadow (which is OK). I haven't tried the lipstick so I don't know whether it's a nice color or not...but I had hoped for a specific color (Baby Baby) that is the perfect color (not too bright, not too dark, not too unnatural looking). I almost bought some of that color but $18 for a tube of lipstick is just too much (especially since it's not special all natural no bad ingredients lipstick or anything)! Of course I got a free make-up application as well. That would have been nice...if the lady actually knew what she was doing. She used a foundation too dark for my skin (I looked very, very silly). I told her I don't like bright colors but that I wear more natural looking make-up. She then preceded to put far too much green eye shadow all over my eyes. Ugh...I wiped as much off as I could with a tissue afterwards.

In other news...we hit some garage sales this afternoon. People around here host their garage sales quite late (until 5, even 7 o'clock)! Behold our treasures (sorry about the sideways pictures):We were really excited about this find...we got it pretty cheap because the built in speakers didn't work (just means we have to use headphones or plug in speakers). Adam has often talked about how much he misses playing piano. And I have wanted to learn a little bit myself. So we were stoked...until we got it home and Adam discovered that half the functions don't work (including the ones he wants to use). So we're heading back out to see if we can get our money back...good deal or not we paid for a keyboard that works (minus speakers) and they didn't tell us it didn't.Cute little white sleeper. Not much else to explain.These were such a good deal and in such pristine condition that even if this baby isn't a girl it was worth it (who knows, the next one might be if this one isn't).This set came with a footed romper or sleeper with matching hat, a onesie with pants, and a cute little bib all in a pretty (gender neutral) green.Again, such a good deal that even if Lovey (the baby's name for now) isn't a boy it was worth it. The tags were even still on it!I saw the top little jacket and loved it and as I continued to dig around noticed the matching pants. Very cute.It's impossible to see in the picture but this little number is yellow with fishies and octopuss (octopi?), jellyfish, starfish, and seaweed all over. Too bad there are no whales too! :)

2 Stubborn Stains:

Kristen and Shawn said...

cute little clothes, baby shopping is so much fun, but even more fun when you know what you are having.

cwalburger said...

Hye, I have a keyboard that you can have. It does not have teh electrical cable part ot lug intot he wall, but I was told you can buy one at any keyboard store. It is just collecting space in my storage. Ic an bring it with me when I pick you up no Thursday if you want.

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